Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby girl "There's a Square in There"

Initially I made 20 blocks for "There's a Square in there" quilt (4 across and 5 down), but when I lay out all the blocks to sew them together I felt there was too much pink. So I took out the pink ones to make this baby quilt. I had lots of left over scraps from the big quilt, so I sewed the patterned and white scraps together to make a strip at the top and bottom of the quilt.

This is my 3rd attempt at stippling and I was happy with the overall effect.

I love using up scraps and I think the blues, greens and browns go really nicely with the pink.

I made a peiced back (instructions not included in the pattern) with more of the left overs. If I was doing it again I would put extra rectangles of patterned fabric where there's chunks of white at the side. You can see a couple of puckers from the stippling on the back (you can also see the pins at the top - had just finished photographing the front for the pattern). But I do like a peiced back.

Finished quilt size: 84cm x 107cm (33” x 42”)

The pattern for this quilt is included in "There's a Square in There" pattern and can be purchased from the stockists list on the right or as a download here.


  1. Another great quilt Kate. Is it my imagination or do you add a strip of solid to some of you fabrics before you cut the strips. On this on it looks like there red strips added and on the original it looks like there are contrasting strips as well. It's a great hightlight.

  2. Yes, I just add these randomly as I go. When I want to add a strip of solid colour, I just trim half an inch off the patterned strip and add a one inch wide solid strip. If you have the pattern this 'note' is just after diagram 10, but I didn't include it in the demo photos. Hope this makes sense.

  3. Hi kate.. thanks for stopping by my blog.. I bought your "theres a square in there" pattern from the shop today when i was at work.. yes please please please I would LOVE To test a pattern for you!!!

    I love your quilting designs.. well have a wonderful day!



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