Monday, February 1, 2010

Fairy Giveaway

This is what I've been furiously working on for the last couple of weeks. This gorgeous fabric is from Saffron Craig's Fantastic Fairies Range, with a couple of fabrics from her Fields and Owls range thrown in. Its the ultimate girly fabric, so I had to make a pattern that was equally sweet and girly.

I just love those fairies against the white. I took a couple of photos of it last night, but it was getting a bit dark, so I'll post more when I take some 'proper' photos.

The hearts were sewn on using raw edge applique and then I hand quilted around each one. I also hand quilted in white around through the Nine Patch blocks and on the border (although you can't see it in these photos).

I made a pieced back (ofcourse) using little square scraps against white and I love how the red quilted hearts came out on the back. I've decided to include instructions for the pieced back in this pattern.

I bound it in Saffron's brown fairy circles. I like dark binding on quilts, frames it well I think.

Now I need some help naming the pattern. At present I have 3 ideas. "I Heart Nine Patch" "Fairy Hearts", "I Heart Fairies" or something else. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know what you think the name should be. Also let me know if you would be interested in proof reading the pattern for me. I will randomly select a couple of comments and email them the draft pdf pattern (they will also be sent the final pattern when it is completed). I will pick 2 winners in 2 days (Wednesday). Yay, my first giveaway. I feel like a real blogger now.


  1. I like "I Heart Nine Patch" because it describes the pattern so well. Also, if you decide to sell this pattern, I'm sure many people will not be using a fairy fabric when they make it. It's a more universal name if the word "fairy" isn't included.

    I'd love to proof read the pattern for you and have a chance at the full pdf!

  2. When I looked at the quilt my first idea was Fairy Hearts, and I see that you already came up with that one. I think it's simple, catchy, and kind of sums up this quilt. It is a wonderfully girly quilt, and what little girl wouldn't love it?!?

    I would be willing to proofread the pattern for you. Congratulations on you first giveaway. It's fun, isn't it?


  3. how about nine of hearts? It's a gorgeous quilt and I can picture it in many colour ranges. I'd love to have a go at proof reading for you.
    Well done

  4. De ja Vu (hehe). Love love love the quilt. How about Fairy Valentine or Nine patch valentines or double sided love (love the hand stitching on the white background). Also more than happy to proof read.

  5. Hey Kate..
    I love this quilt.. i love the name "fairy hearts" very pretty, girly and feminine!
    Great Job! Of course I would LOVE to pattern test for you.. *smile*


  6. What about "9 patch fairy hearts"?? Quilt is gorgeous. Would love to proof read the pattern for you. :)


  7. Kate.. had another thought.. (at 4.55am) LOL.. what about "Fairy Patches" ?

    Ally xx

  8. Kate this is such a beautiful quilt.

    You can call the pattern "True Love" given it's coming up to valentines day and the fact that you've created it with much love.

    Oops, just read your post properly...I like "I heart 9 patch".

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  10. I like three of the suggested names, Fairy Hearts, Nine of Hearts and True Love cause I am a believer to!

    You have done a wonderful design Kate. Its just lovely.


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