Friday, March 26, 2010

Adelaide's Quilt

Thank you to everyone for your kind words of support. Becky and Travis are holding tight to their family and their faith. It will be a hard road ahead, but they are surrounded by love.

A few weeks ago I started on this quilt using Anna Maria Horner's gorgeous Folksy Flannels. Don't you hate it when hubby's right, but that white just looks so good (look here if you're not sure what I'm on about). I made this quilt for Narelle's baby, Adelaide. She's almost 6 months old, so I'm a bit late but you know what they say...

The flannel is so cosy and soft. I want to make one just for me to hibernate under for the winter.

Its such a simple pattern. I just got 10 inches of 5 different fabrics and cut each of them into 2 or 3 different widths (2" to 5" wide).  Then I sewed a 1" strip (all measurements are the cut width, not sewn width) of white flannel (I wasn't game to try straight cotton as suggested) to each strip, lay them out on the bed until I was happy with the design and then sewed them all together.

I then trimmed the selvedges off each side, and cut a 5" strip down one side of the quilt to put on the back. Front complete. Too easy.

For the back I took the strip from the front and added a 2" strip of white to either side. My favourite fabric is those little houses, so its nice to have so much of it on the back.

I wanted to hand quilt this one, but the flannel made it just so thick, so I machine quilted it in white along the white strips.  I used the little houses fabric for the binding because that's what I had on hand, but if I was doing it again I would use a less busy fabric. It measures about 38" x 46" (96cm x 116cm).

So fun and fast, and I love how it shows off the beautiful fabric. I'll definitely be making another one of these.


  1. so fun, and fast, and CUTE! love this simple idea...the white does look good.

  2. Such a sweet quilt Kate, and it looks so soft and snuggly. I think white was the right decision. I love the pieced back too.
    X Amelia

  3. Everyone keeps raving about AMH's voiles and Folksy Flannels! I need to get my hands on some soon! Your quilt looks great and so cozy!

  4. It's lovely, so simple, and it shows off the fabric beautifully. I love the way you pieced the back too, such a simple but effective idea.

  5. I have to make one of these it's so awesome! And I love the simple way you quilted it!

  6. Thank you for the quilt inspiration. I stumbled upon it at exactly the right time. The fabrics my sister selected were not quite right for the quilt pattern I had selected but with your idea I was able to make a great quilt. Best of all, it was fast which was perfect because I'm under a deadline. :-)

  7. I have been looking for a quilt to show off the Little Monkies fabric for my nephew and this is it, simple to make and so cute, thank you very much for this idea. Your quilt is so cute :)

  8. I never would have thought to cut the side off for the back, brilliant! Thanks for sharing :)


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