Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amelia's "Stitched with Love" Blankets

My sister Amelia has well and truly got on the "Stitched with Love" bandwagon and has put together this beautiful array of little blankets/quilts for parents that lose their precious babies soon after birth. She has always been very thoughtful and generous, but she has just blown me away with how quickly she has responded to this need that is out there. She is an inspiration to me.

This design uses Amy Butler's Sexy Hexy quilt pattern. You can get this free pattern here.I just love the fabric's she's used. Its nice to have a quilt for a little boy too.

I really want to try out these whirlygiggle blocks (add that to the list). If you want to try it too, here's some instructions over at Crazy Mom Quilts

So simple but effective. I like the way amelia added a scrappy border.

This one was done using my rail fence tutorial. A good design for beginners. I like the border that Amelia added.

You can't really see it properly, but the solid fabrics are all sparkly. Very pretty.

These little turtles are absolutely adorable. And I do love the pinwheel block. I've made a couple of quilts with it and really enjoyed it.

For some reason this photo wants to lie on its side?? Anyway, this is a lovely soft quilt made from left over flannels.

And this one is bright and cheery.

Well done Meelie. They look fantastic. I've also received quite a few from my friend Stephanie, who I think has caught the quilting bug! I was planning on posting some more tutorials on different designs, but I've been so busy lately. In the mean time if anyone has or would like to put together a tutorial for a 20" to 24" square quilt top, let me know and I'll link to your site. I know there's lots of patterns for dolly quilts, would they be the right size?


  1. I have nothing very substantial to add to this other than.... I also am an admirer of Milla's talent & skill at ANYTHING that she chooses to do. Also, I love that you now have an "Amelia" label. XXX

  2. Bless her heart! I'm blown away by all that your sister has done!

  3. Amelia has done a beautiful job on those lovely quilts. They look great!


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