Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ellen's Wedding

I've been in Adelaide for the last week and a half for my little sister's wedding (one of my 5 sisters). Ellen and Regan were married in a Latter-Day-Saint temple for time and eternity and the cute little girl is Ella - Regan's daughter. It was such a happy day. Ellen and Regan were beaming all day - they are just so in love. Ellen looked gorgeous in a simple but elegant dress and floor length veil. We had a wonderful reception at my parents house afterwards. Ellen and Regan sang to each other, cried through the speeches and sneaked kisses at every opportunity. To see an example of one such kiss take a peek here and you'll get what I mean.

I'm so glad we made it to the wedding. We almost didn't. When we arrived at Sydney airport struggling with children and baggage, we were informed we didn't have seats on the plane. The tickets we bought were for 4th Feb, not March. And to top it off, our tickets home were for 11th Feb!! After much running around between ticket counters and contemplating driving 16 hours, we bit the bullet and spent $1000 on new tickets(one way). We just had to laugh at the whole situation. It was kind of like being on the Amazing Race!

Ellen and Regan loved the quilt I made for them. It was "There's a Square in There". I thought about keeping it as its been such a successful pattern, but I had to give it to them. I created it for them, and I hope they feel of the love that went into it.

Fortunately they will be living in Sydney and so we'll get to hang out often.

This picture is of me showing my Aunty Gerry how I hand quilt. She does a lot of quilting and was instrumental in starting my love affair with fabric and quilting.

It was wonderful spending time with all of the family. I'm a lucky girl to have such a big, loving (loud) family.

I love you sis, and I know you and Regan will make an amazing team.


  1. Weren't they a stunning and very happy couple! I'm so glad you guys made it down .... not just for the wedding but to also go to quilting shops with me :)
    Oh, and Ellen & Regan's quilt looks even better in person.
    XO Amelia

  2. Hi Kate,
    Ellen & Regan sure do look happy :)
    Glad you made it

    Hugs, Sharon

  3. It was a beautiful day and Ellen & Regan sure looked happy.

    Thank you for inspiring me to quilt again. I've got my material and I'm ready. xo

  4. Beautiful pictures. Both of you are gorgeous. Happy, happy day! Her wedding dress is stunning. And yours is too!

  5. The couple looks very much in love. My heart melts to see so much love captured in photographs. I’m getting married next week to the man I have loved for 8 years and I just can’t wait for it. We are all going to have a wonderful time at the wedding venues Los Angeles, celebrating my special day.


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