Monday, March 1, 2010

Sock Monkeys

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post (except for the last comment) I really do appreciate your opinions. Alright alright, Todd was right (and yes, I do hate it when that happens), I'll add the white. I have to admit, Todd does put up with my constant chatter about quilting and I do value his opinion (sometimes), so I'm pretty lucky I suppose. I must say, his interest in quilting has increased since I started selling patterns - funny that.

I had a go of making that sock monkey, and here's the reason I stick to quilting.

He's a bit lumpy and bumpy and his arms stick out like he's an aeroplane, but Sarah and I made him together, and we had fun dressing him up (maybe its a she).

Here's Sarah, all ready for church jumping on the bed with monkey.

He only took a couple of hours to make and he's very huggable. Although 2 minutes later he was lying on the floor face down with the rest of the toys.

I love that little red bottom.

And I adore that gorgeous little girl.


  1. I don't see how he could be any cuter or be adored any more (the sock monkey -- not your overly clever husband ;)

  2. Hi Kate,

    Just had to check out that last LOL...mind maybe you should get him to put his stitching skills to the test LOL

    He obviously admire your skills :)
    The sock monkey is cute.

    Hugs, Sharon


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