Thursday, April 8, 2010

Celebrations all round!

I've only recently discovered flickr, I know ... a bit slow on the uptake. The "Fresh Modern Quilts" group is a constant stream of the most amazing inspiration, and they are celebrating 2000 members this month with a HUGE giveaway. I was so chuffed when Rossie asked if I would donate a couple of patterns. There are 29 prizes on offer and you can check them out here.

I like to keep this blog to mainly quilty crafty things, but I couldn't resist posting a couple of pictures of our Easter and birthday celebrations.


  1. cute celebration pictures! and thanks for your contribution to the fresh modern quilts name is in the hat!!

  2. I had noticed that you had donated toward the Fresh Modern Quilts giveaway. What a compliment to you and your designs to be asked.

  3. Such cute pics! Did you make Dane's cake? Love it.
    X Amelia

  4. Jenny - Thanks. My name is in the hat too!!

    Joan - Thanks Joan, I was blown away to be in the mix with some of my favourite talent.

    Amelia - The cake was a joint effort. Mum cooked the death by chocolate cake, and Todd and I decorated it. It was REALLY yummy! Dane is obsessed by horses at the moment. At Bec's house he just wanted to hang out with the donkey all day! To him horses, donkeys, zebras and giraffes are all the same thing.

  5. i LOVE the fresh modern quilt group!! How fun to be part of the giveaway!!

    Those are adorable pictures of your little ones!! Glad to see you had a wonderful Easter!!


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