Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mushrooms and dragons

My very crafty sister Amelia made these a while ago for my children, but I've only just got around to posting about them. I'm pretty sure they're both patterns from the talented Australian designers Melly and Me. Sarah just loves this gorgeous little mushroom bag. Its her special bag to take to church.

Its hard to see in the picture but Amelia's stitches are incredibly even. She's so meticulous with her work.

This dragon sleeps in Dane's cot - the firey fabric is so appropriate for a dragon don't you think!

I love handmade toys and I should make these type of things for my children but I just don't seem to have the patience for anything except quilts at the moment. So thanks Meelie for stepping in with these crafty delights! They're absolutely adorable.


  1. yet another uber-talented Soininen girl. They are sooo cute, will done Milla!!!

  2. the mushroom backpack it sooo cute!! i've been wanting to buy that for awhile. i might just now! :)

  3. Hi Kate,
    What lucky children you have a talented aunt too :)
    I love the flame fabric for the cool is that.
    Hugs, Sharon

  4. I met my sister for the first time last year, Didn't even know i had one! We have the same stance and mannerisms.
    By the way, I really covet that Panach charm pack.


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