Monday, April 5, 2010

Dane's Colourful Quilt

My little boy it turning 2! I made this quilt for his 1st birthday last year. It was only my second "proper" quilt.  It was before I discovered designer fabric and pieced backs.  I love how the soft minky dot fabric pops out from the quilt though.

I machine quilted it very simply - around each square in matching colours.

And bound it in plain turquoise.

He loves the feel of the minky dot too.

Happy birthday my darling boy!


  1. Hey Kate.. Love the colours.. its so gorgeous.. and your right.. the minky dots add lovely element to the quilt..

    Happy Birthday to your little man too!


  2. Happy Birthday Daney-Boy.
    Thanks for the lovely surprise hug around the legs you gave me in the kitchen the other day.
    Love, Auntie Becca.

  3. Oh, so sweet! Happy Birthday Dane!

  4. My 2-year-old grandson LOVES Minkee--he is very tactile. It's so precious to watch him rub his cheek against the soft fabric. Happy birthday to your 2-year-old.

  5. Happy birthday- love to you all.

  6. Happy Birthday!!! We love you Daney-Boy. Love Auntie Amelia & Uncle Andre XOXO
    P.S. Kate, I love the bright colours and the different textures in Danes quilt. Very nice.

  7. Great quilt, and happy birthday to the little guy!

  8. I think everyone loves the minky.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. You don't have your email enabled (Edit Profile, check mark in front of Show my email, and SAVE) so I can't email you back directly.

  9. Googled birthday quilts and came across your lovely quilt and blog. I see you created this colorful quilt four years ago. Would you be willing to share the size/measurement you used for the center of the block and the strips that surround it? I don't have a blog.


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