Friday, April 30, 2010

No Camera!

I've lent out my camera and I'm completely lost without it. I never realised how often I use it. Between taking pictures for this blog (what's a quilting blog without pictures?), step by step photos for patterns and cute snaps of the kids doing funny things, I use it almost every day.

I find it useful to take pictures of block arrangements - somehow its easier to see if it 'works' through the lens of a camera. As a perfect example - this week I finished the quilt top using Saffron Craig's Forest Elementals fabric, but it wasn't until I looked at a photo of it that I realised something was missing. So although I hate unpicking, I took it apart ( its better than spending ages hand quilting something I'm not 100% happy with). Saffron was so helpful (thanks heaps!), and after bouncing some ideas around I'm really excited to try something new with it tonight. I'll post pictures soon :)

So, in the meantime, jump over to The Silver Thimble to have a look at what Virginia did with my "Charm Bracelets" pattern. I just love how the dark brown frames each fabric so beautifully!

Oh, and the other night I read about piecing curves with no pins over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio and watched a fantastic video on how to do it. So I had such a fun evening with the rotary cutter. No ruler, no templates, no pins. And it worked wonderfully. I used really plain fabric to practice on so its probably best I didn''t have my camera, but I wish I'd used nice fabric now - it turned out so well. I will definitely be using curves in some up coming quilts. Thanks so much Jacquie, it was my first time with curves and I'm hooked.


  1. I really like that version of Charm Bracelet. And I'll definitely check out Jacquie's video. "No pins" is definitely appealing.I hope you get your camera back soon :)

  2. I love Virginia's version of charm bracelets too. I saw Jacquie's blog on piecing curves and the video makes it looks so easy - so I will have to give it a go when I get the chance. I really need to start taking some photos of my creations. I think you've taken more photos of things I've made than I have. What would I do without you.
    XO Amelia

  3. I love quilts. I just adore you too. :) It is addictive and material stores are like chocolate was to your granda Smylie, you just can't pass them up. I am so proud of you. xoxoxox A/di


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