Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not in the mood

I've reduced my work (as a speech pathologist) to two days a week as of this week and I'm already loving some extra time with the kids. On the weekend we all went to a food and craft market at The Entrance (just up the road from us) and had the yummiest fish burger ever - coutesy of Jake from Masterchef Australia. I also stumbled across the cutest little "Jeans Bag". I had a good chat to it's maker - Tiffany - from "Bobo and Gogo" (who happens to live in the suburb next to mine!) who assured me she will have an online shop up and running soon.

I thought a little photo shoot would be nice, but Sarah had other ideas...

but then she started to come around ...

and even busted out some ballet moves...

 lovin' that cheeky face!

So simple but adorable. I love finding new talent. I'll let you know when Tiffany's shop is open for business.


  1. Lovely little girl - even not in the mood looks adorable!

  2. She is so cute! Love the third photo from top. Adorable bag too.

  3. What a wonderful transformation in your daughter, and so innocent and sincere! Not only does the bag LOOK great, but it makes little girls happy, too! Now, that's an endorsement!

  4. Love that bag! And I love the pics of your daughter - my granddaughter is kind of the reverse - sometimes she will pose for one pic but then she gets bored and will only put her back towards me! Two is such a wonderful age!! Back on the bag, though, I've got to try to copy that - it's just adorable!

  5. That bag it cute but your daughter... oh my she is adorable!!

    Jennifer :)

  6. I totally agree with Jennifer: your daughter is adorable!

    A friend gave me some of her pricey jeans and I found a pattern to make a super cute denim apron for my granddaughter because she loves helping in the kitchen. Let me know if you are interested in that. Too cute!

  7. oh Kate! She is so so cute! The bag is adorable...and what were you doing going to markets with out me??!!! hmm!! xxx good job with photo shoot! your getting to be a pro! xx

  8. So so cute ... Sarah and the bag!
    XOXO Amelia


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