Monday, July 5, 2010

Sew chatty

Thanks for the quilting ideas. I really appreciate everyone who stops by whether you leave a comment or not. I've basted the quilt and will begin quilting tomorrow. Its always a little daunting making that first stitch.

I had a wonderful time at my first modern quilt guild meeting the other night - I'm so excited I found one near me. Such a lovely bunch of women to chat and share ideas with. Leanne, the president, was so welcoming and I was chuffed that she first recognised me from my blog. Jody's shop, All About Sewing, was a fun relaxed place to chat (and sew a bit) -I almost forgot to take photos.

I did get a shot of one of Leanne's quilt - loved this one.

It uses Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks fabric.

Loads of chatting going on... not so much sewing. Check out the lovely range of solids on the left.

My youngest sister, Ellen, came along with me and finished her first quilt! A lovely little raggy flannel. I started out on raggy quilts. They're great for beginners because you quilt the squares before you put them together. I wonder if she'll catch the quilting bug.

She also knitted me this lovely scarf.  I've worn it nearly every day she gave it to me. It's cold here - we had our coldest day in 60 years last week. You may be wondering why this giraffe is wearing my scarf - well I can't be bothered looking half decent for a photo (it was taken on my day off with the kids!) Thanks so much for the scarf little sis, I just LOVE it (and thanks for the kid's scarves too).

Last but not least, this gorgeous little pin cushion arrived from Cindy at Sewing on the Edge.

Its beautifully made and has a lovely weight - its filled with crushed walnut shells so it doesn't slide all over the place.

You can check out Cindy's unique range of pincushions using selveges at her etsy shop.

Speaking of pincushions, I just found a couple of cuties here too.


  1. I have to admit I am one who visits lots of blogs but doesn't leave lots of comments.
    Your sister is very talented, the scarf is lovely. And I love the pin cushion, I have been trying to find somewhere that sells ground walnut shells.
    I enjoy looking at your posts because you use fresh modern colours, and you are a young aussie like me!

  2. Your sister is adorable (you are too--I've seen pictures of you!) The scarf looks so soft. While we are having HOT weather here, I always forget that you are just the opposite of us.

    And thanks SO much for the nice mention of the pincushion. I'm so happy that you like it!

  3. Glad to know that was a toy giraffe - I was afraid you were having a really bad hair day! Really, though, cute scarf! You have a very talented sister!!

  4. Thanks Katie :) It was so much fun to hang out with you for the short time I came up and you'll be happy to know I'm in the process of trying to find the quilting guild down my way! :) I must say that regan's scarf hasn't seen much progress ... whoops!!
    love ya

    Ellen xo

  5. What a fun group to get together with! I love that quilt. Your scarf is gorgeous even if it makes me break out into a sweat just looking at it {it's 100 degrees here} LOL!

    I know what you mean about taking that first stitch in a new quilt... I'll be doing that tonight myself. Good luck!

    Jennifer :)

  6. love that pincushion! so cute :)


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