Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bibs - two ways

I met my new little niece, Aylah, this week and she's beautiful - just like a little doll. My babies suddenly turned into giants next to her!

I'd previously made her a quilt with Sarah's help, but when I saw these bibs on Nettie's blog I just had to give them a go. They were so fun to make and great for using up fabric and batting scraps, and for practicing different quilting techniques. They have cotton fabric on both sides (they are reversible), with cotton batting in between. Pattern available here.

Left - "Recipe for Friendship" fabric,  Right -Saffron Craig's fabric
I think the above bibs would be a good size for an older baby, so I also tried making some smaller bibs that had towelling on the back (and no batting in between). Pattern available here.  I can't decide which ones I like better. They were all so fun to make.

Left - Shannon Lamden's fabric, Right - apples (don't know the name)
 Welcome to our family baby girl.We love you.


  1. Sweet bibs! I may have to try some of them myself - I've always got scraps of fabric and batting lying around! Thanks for sharing!

  2. All 3 of those babes are adorable!!! How sweet they are together.
    I 'totally' love the organic fabric and that speech bubble - priceless. Oh, and nice bibs!

  3. those bibs are SO cute!
    don't tempt me!!!!!

  4. LOVE these. I was thinking about making bibs when Xander was a little bub but then never used any & didnt come across any patterns but if I had seen those second bibs I totally would have made them!!

  5. How cute! I especially love the red and white "Totally Organic" one :-)

  6. Great bibs with fun fabrics, and wonderful pics of the three kids together :)


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