Monday, August 9, 2010

You gotta love em...

... husbands that is. This week Todd got a great gash on the back of his head from surfing. I had a quick look at the gaping wound and pronounced that he needed stitches... 'hmm' was the response. We then had to quickly drop off the car at the mechanic. After I wiped the blood that was dripping down my husband's neck (not a good look) he returned from his discussion with the mechanic and declared that the mechanic has said he needed stitches so we had better go straight to the doctors! Ah duh!

Example no. 2
A few weeks ago as I was putting together my "Sea Views" quilt top I lay out all the blocks on the floor and asked my husband - "okay, what do you think, does it look good, is there anything that stands out?" He looked for a moment "Nope, looks good". So I proceeded to sew it all together with the sashing. When I looked again I realised that two of the same fabrics were next to each other. Oh no! I showed Todd the catastrophe at hand - he said "Yeah, I saw that right away, but I thought you wanted it that way, so I didn't say anything.".... (It actually didn't take too long to unpick, turn the block around and sew it again, and it was kind of fun complaining all the way)

But he does take a nice photo... I'm going to miss him when he's away for work for the next little while.

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my "Sea Views" quilt. I really appreciate all your kind words, and your holiday spots have made me smile and think of warmer times. There's still some time to enter and snag yourself some gorgeous fabric (if you haven't already), just see the post below.

Also, I'm being featured on Quiltstory today! Thanks for the invite Heather and Megan. They have a great blog over there, featuring tonnes of gorgeous quilts along with the quilters, stories and processes behind them. What a fabulous idea! Go and check it out.


  1. It's good to read that you're not alone with such stories:) My husband acts really similar:)))

  2. My husband used to be the same way about his accidents. Fortunately for me it took only one incident at a first aid station where I worked. He came to me for first aid help for a friend and found me up to my arms in blood and covered in vomit with a patient. He's never doubted me again.

    Though when I asked later what did he think I did at the first aid stations, his answer was a shrug and said, "I thought you just handed out band aids and aspirin." Then he went back to his beer :)

  3. If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that line - "I saw it, but I thought you wanted it that way!" - I'd be a rich woman!!! But at least mine has some redeeming characteristics that make him worth keeping around!!

  4. It sounds like you have had an exciting weekend!

    Congrats on the feature. It is a beautiful quilt and it definitely deserves to be shown off!

    Jennifer :)

  5. I've heard that "I saw that but I thought you wanted it that way" before too!

    That quilt is totally gorgeous.

  6. Thanks for the feature! your work is beautiful!

  7. So glad you have a hubby like mine too. He NEVER tells me what he really things incase he upsets me! He doesn't get it when I get upset because he hasn't told me what he thinks. "See" he says " ... I knew you would get upset if I said anything!" Aargh!!!!

    Just found your designs through UK fabric retailer SeamStar. Love them!

  8. Hello Kate my love!! I read your feature today... your Famous!! and your MY FRIEND!! Does that make me famous too??? xxx It was a great story!! Loved it... and yes Todd is Good Value!


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