Saturday, December 11, 2010

1/2 yd Echino, 1 evening, 3 tutorials

 A little something for my husband who tells me that one day he'll fly helicopters.

In the mean time he'll have to make do with a helicopter sunglasses case (tutorial here)...

... zippered pouch (tutorial here)...

... and shoe bag (tutorial here) for when he travels.

He just laughed. I assume that means he likes them :)

Lucky I didn't have more of that fabric, or he would have had a passport holder, luggage tags, placemats, bean bag, libary bag etc... don't you just love all the online tutorials!

P.S. I used a linen/cotton fabric for the linings. Each project took under an hour. His main birthday present was a part for his jet ski - boring, but it will be fun once he gets it working!


  1. Wow! You are flying! 3 in one evening. great presents!

  2. hahahah LUCKY!! Your so funny!! It was so nice to see you today. Im really going to miss you being so far away! xxx You have to visit LOTS!! xx

  3. Wow You are fast and productive! I love the helicopter fabric.


  4. What lovely gifts! It's always inspirational to see what people make for the fellas, thanks for sharing!

  5. the fabric is perfect. So are the gifts!

  6. OOOOhhhhhhh mens tutorials do you have more fab links for men?? please do share!! have a wee peek at my blog if you have time x

  7. I love them! All in one night - you work fast!


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