Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best Ever Rocky Road

I've seen a lot of people make this 'best ever' claim, but I stand by this rocky road. It's amazing! I got the recipe from my sister, Kelly, a few years ago, and now I make it every year at Christmas time. Its a great gift for the preschool teachers and neighbours. (Tip: Its worth using good quality cooking chocolate for this recipe)

2 180g white chocolate
1 cup unsalted roasted peanuts, chopped
250g packet raspberry and vanilla marshmallows, cut in half
3 55g bars turkish delight, chopped
2/3 glace cherries, chopped
1/3 cup shredded coconut
2 200g dark chocolate

Grease rectangular (19cm x 29cm) slice pan and line with baking paper.
Melt white chocolate and combine with half of everything else (except dark chocolate).
Spread over base of pan.
Melt dark chocolate and combine with the other half of the ingredients
Spread over the top.

Cool it in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
Cut with a hot knife.

The only hard thing about this recipe is not eating it all before you give it away!

PS. I did have a bit of a disaster with my last batch when I accidently put some of the chocolate alfoil wrapper in the microwave with the chocolate - not a good idea. It was smoking when I took it out and had a horrible smell - whoops! I had to whip down to the shops for some more chocolate, and it turned out perfectly.


  1. It tasted awesome :D
    Thanks Kate!!!!

  2. This looks wonderful! What is Turkish Delight? And I'm guessing that glace cherries are perhaps maraschino cherries that you find with liquid in a jar?

  3. I've never made Rocky Road before, but I just might have to try this recipe! It looks great!

  4. Hi Kate, this looks awesome. I think i'll go and get the ingredients tomorrow. My family will love it at Xmas.
    Wishing you and you family a Merry Christmas and safe move to S.A.

  5. Rocky road is great for christmas (no oven on a hot day). I like to add in pistachio nuts so you get a bit of green and red. Enjoy your christmas.

  6. Looks absolutely wonderful! I'd love to chow down on a big plate of that at Christmas. Any chance of sending some to the Sunshine Coast? Lol!

  7. Looks so yummy!! Hope one of those is for ME!! xx

  8. Oh man! It looks like the best ever, that's for sure.


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