Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Warm Fuzzies

Every Christmas we set up a beautiful white ceramic nativity set on top of the piano but the children are not allowed to play with it. This year I decided to buy a wooden nativity set that they could play with and they love to act out the nativity story with these cute little figures.

I still get a little stressed about losing baby Jesus when they play with it as he's a bit little, but we've had it over a week now and its still all there so we're off to a good start. There's something lovely about wooden toys. I bought mine from in Perth, along with some other little pressies that I've hidden away in the top of the cupboard (check out this lock box - I'm planning on using it as a reward when they do something great - I'll put a little treat in it and they have to open one of the doors to get it out).

A family tradition that we started last year and is working really well is the "Warm Fuzzies" jar. Each time someone in the family does something nice they can add a warm fuzzy (cotton ball) to the jar. Sarah just loves to add them and goes out of her way to do and say kind things (lots of bed making and hugs!). Then on Christmas eve we put the jar under the Christmas tree as our present to Jesus. Throughout December we talk about how our best present to the Saviour is to do and say kind things to others. Even though our children are very young they seem to really understand this concept, and its so so simple. The whole warm fuzzies idea started with this talk.

Life gets so busy and stressful at this time of the year (I've organised hardly any presents and I'm starting to get a little panicky with all that needs to be done before the 25th but I have a feeling I'm not alone). I'd love to hear your suggestions of how to keep Christmas meaningful.


  1. that is so cute kate! thanks to you, we have started the warm fuzzie jar and the kids are LOVING it xx

  2. We also used to have a set under the tree, similar to yours for being played with. Ours was plastic though and love your wooden one! The warm fuzzy jar is such a lovely idea! I think you are doing great keeping christmas meaningful already! As for all that needs to be done.. I am a great one for making lists.. once you have listed the absolute essentials, you know you haven't forgotten anything vital and any time you have left after that for anything else you might want to add is a bonus.

  3. ps.. maybe you could get a 'spare' baby Jesus at the ! just in case.... (in any case it'd put your mind at rest..)

  4. Kate, you are obviously one smart and dedicated Mommy. Keep on keeping on, my are doing a great your quilts too!!

  5. I love everything about this post! We have a "Little People" nativity set that Chaney has been playing with since she was a toddler. We never lost baby Jesus until we got a puppy. He got baby Jesus and it was some serious drama in our house LOL! Fortunately, we were able to get another one...

    Jennifer :)

    PS... the warm fuzzies jar is such a great idea!

  6. Your new nativity is precious and I love the warm fuzzies jar. This year my children (teen and tween) are struggling with finding just the right thing to spend their well-saved money on for me, their father, aunt and a couple of special friends. I encouraged them to take a step back and start by making cards. That took an entire day last weekend and they were so very proud of their artwork. I think I've convinced them that a handmade gift feel much more special than anything you can buy.

  7. love your blog. i have 2 little guys and have been trying to keep the season meaningful as well. LOVE the warm fuzzies idea. We have a plastic nativity and Jesus is lost...already. *sigh* I'm sure he'll come up somewhere.
    Thanks for the ideas.

  8. Hi Kate,

    I wish you all the best for Christmas :)
    I just love the warm beautiful.
    The nativity set is lovely too.I love the feel and look of wooden too.
    I , too am a little panicky about xmas...and I have no decorations up yet either LOL

  9. Oh my - if that isn't just the cutest darn nativity!!

  10. This. Is. So. Cute.

    Kate... Would you be interested in swapping links? I added you to my Blog sidebar Let me know! lindsay.conner(at)gmail(dot)com


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