Monday, January 24, 2011

Auction ends - thankyou all!

Shari's very generous bid, which came in an hour after the auction began, has held fast all week at $500. Thanks so much Shari - this quilt will be winging its way over to you very soon. I'll be in touch.

The other great news is that we hit the $500 mark from the sale of my quilt patterns earlier today! I've just made the payment to the Flood Appeal and it felt so good to make that contribution on your behalf. So thankyou to everyone who purchased a pattern! Here's a picture of the emailed receipt.

That makes a grand total of a nice even $1000! I'll email Toni and Carli tonight so they can add it to their GRAND-DADDY total of all the auctions and raffles running (to be announced Wednesday evening). They will be posting a master list of all of the raffles still running (tomorrow morning) - just click on the button below.

Update: and here's the GRAND-DADDY total - wow wow wow!

Thank you Toni and Carli for organising this. It was a pleasure to be able to help out in such a fun way (its always great to have an excuse to make a quilt in a few days!), and its been wonderful to see so many come together for such a worthy cause.


  1. Awesome effort Katie!!! Every cent you raised will be appreciated by those who have lost alot.

  2. Wow! What an awesome contribution - well done!

  3. Oh Kate, That is soooo Amazing!! your the bomb!! xx

  4. Wowee, absolutely fantastic Katie!!

  5. That is soooo awesome Kate. Well Done !! :)

  6. great work!! :) I would have loved to bid on your quilt but I'm glad that someone so generous won it! I cant wait to see you all in a month and I need help finishing my quilt off! xo


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