Saturday, January 8, 2011

Matt and Freja's wedding quilt

Remember the manly quilt?

It was a wedding present for my brother, Matt and his lovely new wife, Freja. They were married just before Christmas, and it was a wonderful day. Welcome to the family, Freja. I'm sure you'll fit in just fine with us 6 girls!

I really enjoyed making this quilt and fortunately it was well received. Although I was going for a more masculine look with the fabric and design, I think it can be appreciated by both sexes. I'd be happy to have it over the back of my lounge.

As Matt is 6 foot 7", I had to make it bigger than usual to cover his toes!

I machine quilted the sashing and borders with dense straight lines. My machine couldn't quite cope with all the quilting so I had to borrow Becky's Bernina, and it cruised though it without a hitch.

Then I hand quilted random lines in the blocks with a variety of colours using perle cotton no. 8. Hand quilting through the linen/cotton was hard going at times, but I'm glad I persisted.

I'm pleased with how the hand quilting showed up on the back too.

I should probably give the quilt back to them now that I've taken some pictures :) Although with this heat, it may be a while before there'll be any snuggling under it.


  1. Kate! That is gorgeous, with a great, modern aesthetic! Love it!

  2. Wow! This looks great, and the machine and hand quiting is fantastic! Love how it turned out. You had me thinking about random pieced borders since you posted the top- I did one recently on a quilt back for my son's quilt for his upcoming bday, and I referenced yours...the link is here if you want to see it:
    Great work!

  3. fantastic!!! Love the colours and the pattern!

  4. Oh what a beautiful quilt. I love the hand quilting. The machine quilting is equally lovely. I really like the stripes of colour, just gorgeous.

  5. Hi Kate,
    The quilt looks great and I bet your brother and his new bride will love it forever.
    I am glad the move went well and I'm a bit sad that I wont be seeing you anymore.I guess we'll just have to be blog buddies.
    All the best to you and your family.
    Leanne xo

  6. Lovely quilt Kate! The hand quilting is great

  7. amazing quilt. love the colors

  8. Lovely photos and I really really love the way you quilt things! It really enhances the quilt so much and again.. in this quilt it just complements the quilt so beautifully!

  9. this quilt is so amazing...i am loving gray right now. it makes such a perfect match for any color.

  10. beautiful + inspiring. love the charcoal!

  11. Hey Kate, I saw this at the wedding and thought it was great! Very 'Freja' as well I thought, which might not have been on purpose, but is pretty convenient!!

  12. Beautiful, both the couple and the quilt. I love the way you combine machine and hand quilting!

  13. Wow, Kate! Once again, impressive and inspiring!! So gorgeous.....

  14. What a gift!! It is stunning and really fun for us to see the happy recipients! Congratulations Matt & Freja!

  15. Hi Kate,
    What a beautiful quilt - a family heirloom to be certain.
    I can see it being well used by Freja and Matt.
    All best

  16. Beautiful!

    Truly, a wonderful quilt, and one I am sure will be much treasured and loved over many happy years!


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