Friday, May 20, 2011

More presents!

I received another two packages in the mail this week for Grace!

First, a gorgeous little handmade gift from Toni. She's such an inspiration - running a very successful business from home and being actively involved in chuch service while juggling a young family. I can't believe Toni wrote a book at the same time as being pregnant and then having a newborn!

What a darling friend to send me these handmade slippers. They fit Grace beautifully already (thanks to the elastic at the top), with a little room to grow! They have fleecy soles so they are so snuggly.

And this key holder has made it so much easier to find my keys at the bottom of my ginormous baby bag :)

I've also been meaning to show you some of the gorgeous earrings and clips Toni sent me for Christmas. I love earrings and these are just perfect (they're from her Citrus Pop range).

I wear them all the time. Thanks a million Toni.

Another good friend, Ally, made Grace this cute little quilt. Ally is also super busy teaching quilting classes, writing tonnes of patterns for quilting magazines and being a mum!

What a sweetie to think of me when she is about to give birth any day now herself!

It fits Grace really well, not too big and not too small. When she outgrows it on the floor it will work perfectly in the car or pram or hammock. Thanks Ally - good luck with your birth!

Grace gives the most beautiful smiles and so Sarah and Dane constantly try to make her smile. Hopefully she can survive their love (particularly when they compete to be the one in front of her face). I got out of the shower yesterday to find Dane in the hammock with Grace and chocolate custard everywhere. Fortunately Grace was quite happy. Maybe I'll have to start showering in the evening.

Just one more thing - the link to my Blogger's Quilt Festival post wont work, so I've linked to this post in the hope that it will work this time. Go here to see more about my "Climbing Curves" quilt. It seems the link to my original post is working now!


  1. I like your hand quilting. Looking around your blog I can see you have hand quilted many beautiful quilts.

  2. Lovely friends! Sweet baby Grace.

  3. What beautiful gifts!! Lucky Grace :)

  4. Sweet gifts for Grace :) I love the picture of the kids face to face with cute! And the Climbing Curves quilt is fabulous! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Thanks for sharing the gifts and pictures of Grace. So precious!

  6. Photos are excellent.pretty colors. I love your quilt

  7. those gifts are so lovely! I am absolutely aching to see little Gracey in person and to give her crazy amounts of love!
    You have to tell me the name of the hammock as well! :)
    Love Elle


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