Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stack and Slash Tutorial - "Through the Trees"

If you've had a look around my blog you would know that I love the "Stack and Slash" method of constructing quilts. Many (actually most) of my patterns employ this method, and I've made yet another fun one with a tutorial to go with it. I finally had a chance to cut into my stash of Nature Walk fabric by Cloud9. It's their price sensitive organic cotton range, and its absolutely beautiful to work with. I especially love the print with the red leaves.

Do you want to try a bit of "Stack and Slash" and make this easy peasy quilt - perfect for a picnic in the park? (At the moment, with a new baby, easy peasy is all I can manage - but I remind myself that sometimes less is more!)

I'm guest posting over at Chasing Cottons and you can find the tutorial over there right now as part of her amazing Quilt Class 101 series (I don't know how she does it all). Thanks so much for having me Becky (and for being such a wonderful friend)!

Chasing Cottons

And here's an out-take shot! You can see my brother, Matt, holding up the quilt. He's 6 foot 7, so you can see it's a pretty big quilt!

You can find my "Through the Trees" tutorial HERE.


  1. Loved it at first glance! I have some of the Nature Walk range, using some in a couple of small projects. I have been thinking of how to best use them in a larger one and yours looks like a great idea.

  2. Oooh, Kate, it's gorgeous!! You are so good at cool and simple!!

  3. really like this quilt. even tho it's simple lines, it has wonderful interest. Thanks so much for sharing it and for the tutorial too.

  4. Hi Kate, Sorry it's been a while. I love this very fast quilt. I have a couple of quick ones to do and this hits the spot. I'm looking forward to doing them.
    Hope this finds you all well and Grace is Beautiful...
    Leanne xo


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