Monday, August 15, 2011

A priceless quilt

It's not because of the design or even the fabric - a blue dress worn on a first date many years ago. It's priceless because of the amazing woman behind that dress and the legacy she left in the lives of so many.

I had some left over fabric from this quilt, and I couldn't bear to throw it out. So I made a smaller version that might be enjoyed by some of Shauna and Mark's grandchildren. I know there's a couple on the way.

You can read about Shauna's quilt here, and the touching response from Mark here.


  1. Oh Kate... I LOVE it.. Its so gorgeous and so special. It is going to be so cherished. xx Love you xx

  2. What a lovely idea :) I really loved the full size one too.

  3. I only just found your blog, and I am so moved by the posts about these quilts from the special dress, and so inspired by your patterns! Sarah Craig sent me here!

  4. What a treasure! Thanks for sharing - the quilt is very lovely!


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