Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Through the Trees" in Canada!

First up, thanks for your lovely comments on my Scattered Showers quilt, and to everyone who bought the pattern. I can't wait to see some popping up on the internet. I liked the suggestion to make a 'chance of rain' cushion to go with it! I've randomly picked 5 people to receive the pattern using the trusty So congratulations to Sarah, Tiffany, Erin, Karen and Heather. I'll be sending them out soon.

Remember my "Through the Trees" quilt top that I wrote a Stack and Slash tutorial for? And remember how I wanted to donate a quilt top to Cheryl's Quilts Recover initiative. Well I had so many generous offers to help, but ended up sending my "Through the Tree" quilt top to Katherine in Canada to add batting and backing, quilting and binding. She did an absolutely fantastic job of free motion quilting leaves and wavy lines all over it (much better than I could have done!) It suits the quilt perfectly, and the dark brown binding frames it beautifully. Katherine was the perfect person to team up with because she can hand deliver it to Cheryl (it's quite a big quilt!) and she was so lovely to work with! I'm just so amazed at how the world is so small now - working together on other sides of the globe to help another in need. I'm sure this quilt will bring a little comfort to its recipient. Thanks so much Katherine!


  1. Wow! It's beautiful. The person who receives it is going to love it!

    Jennifer :)

  2. It is amazing and pretty wonderful how our world is smaller, in a closer, friendlier way (thanks blogland!). We really are a global village. I'm so happy I was able to team up with you, Kate. Not only has it been a fun experience, but it feels great to work together and give some handmade comfort to others.

  3. Oh! What a beautiful quilt! I love the fabrics in this one, and the overall effect.

  4. It's beautiful. I'm glad the collaborative process worked out so well for you.

  5. the quilt is beautiful and so generous of you to donate it.


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