Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On the move!

At 7 months and less than 6kg, Grace is smaller than most, but it certainly hasn't slowed her down. She's been crawling for over a month, and is now pulling to stand and cruising along furniture. This means I'm constantly following her around picking up choking hazards off the floor. This video was taken a couple of weeks ago, the first time she walked along the couch (try to ignore my extremely high-pitched motherese voice - I was a bit excited).

Grace is also sleeping better, and every time I take her into her room to go to sleep she reaches out to her brother's bed so she can hold onto the side and bounce. It's now part of her bedtime ritual (note the grubby knees where she's been crawling around).

Needless to say, I really haven't been doing much quilting, but I've enjoyed watching Dane painstakingly pick out and place every little bead himself to create this fantastic pot holder. He has such patience and persistence

And Sarah is doing amazingly at school - already doing basic reading. She loves it... except when she dresses up for Christmas dress-up-day, and ends up being the only person in the school dressed up (she was two weeks early). If I was a good mum I would have packed her uniform just in case. Ah well... I'm teaching her resilience :) And she looked soooo cute.


  1. Very cute, love the voice lol but I got the same video twice was that deliberate?
    Dane that is amazing!!!!!!
    You are too young to be so clever.
    Yes Kate resilience I like it (I'm definitely going to use it). How to describe Sarah, beautiful, clever and resilient :)

  2. How fun to see Grace moving along AND hearing your voice. Charming!

  3. Oh darn, the videos won't play for me, but I am sure Grace is the cutest little cruiser!!

  4. The videos wont play for me... so sad! And I bet there were many frustrated Dane moments making that pot holder! awww poor Sarah, she would have been mortified! (surely you let her go home and get changed though!)


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