Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas at our house

I've been making Rocky Road again and it's still the best ever! I posted the recipe here if you would like to wow your friends and family (or pretend to make it as gifts and then just slowly devour it by sneaking it piece by piece from the fridge).

I've also been making some cute little biscuit houses. Recipe here. I'm not sure if these biscuits (cookies) are available worldwide, but I'm sure you could easily substitute.

It's a great activity with kids. Sarah made hers all on her own by following her Aunty Kaila!

The women at church even had fun making them (at a christmas craft evening that I helped organise), as well as some easy bunting (and earrings, cards and paper flowers).

Now that our tree is up (I just love the smell of a real tree) and nativity scene carefully placed on top of the piano it really feels like Christmas.

We also have the kids version that they can play with (but ofcourse they're not quite as drawn to that one as the forbidden one on top of the piano).

The best bit is the 'warm fuzzies jar' (bottom right of the photo, explained here). Last night we watched this beautiful animation, and talked about how when we do something nice for someone we are really doing something nice for Jesus. The children loved that idea and this morning we have had lots of helpful acts and kind words.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you're enjoying this wonderful season.


  1. Your nativity set with the candles behind it is beautiful.

  2. I'm going to have to give the biscuit house a go, it looks so pretty. On another note I've just discovered your blog and have been drooling over your quilts. I think I'm going to give your Fussy Fairytales a go with my Storeyboek fabric.

  3. Fussy fairytales is still my favourite AND the houses must have been made by such an EXPERT chef! ;-) hehe... I'm going to implement the warm fuzzies idea here in Hawaii... Sierra needs to do some nice deeds to make Jesus happy (and me)!


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