Monday, January 9, 2012

Pictures at Pittwater

Before Todd and I were married I thought I knew him pretty well. He loves to surf, great with money, a teensy bit tone deaf etc. We have this saying when one of us does something that is slightly annoying but predictable "You knew what I was when you picked me up". For example if I were to eat a block of chocolate in one sitting and Todd were to make a 'comment', I might say "You knew what I was when you picked me up".  Or if Todd 'needs' a surf and then a nap, he might say the same to me. Anyway, when it comes to quilting and creative pursuits, this is certainly a new area that we didn't know about each other. I only just discovered my love of quilting a few years ago, and I've also discovered that Todd has a great eye for design too. In many of my patterns he has made little suggestions that have really added something different (although sometimes he makes suggestions that are wildly impracticle and I have to kindly shoot him down).

Anyway, Todd designed this quilt for his cousin's son, Cohen. He picked the fabric and designed it, and then I sewed it up. It was fun sewing something together where I didn't have to make all the decisions! I like his minimalistic style.

I designed this simple back as Todd was at work by the time I was up to this bit.

I was planning on straight line quilting the whole lot, but I liked texture created by quilting densely in some sections and leaving other sections plain. It kind of looks like the little fish are swimming through sea weed (sorry I didn't iron the quilt - we have been away on a wonderful beach holiday and I couldn't find an iron).

Todd took the pictures as well.

They were taken at Clareville beach on Sydney's northern beaches, where we used to live. Such a beautiful place!  One of the days we went out on a boat with Todd's cousin and his family and the kids had a great time discovering little coves that were only accessible by boat.

I hope you like it, Cohen - sorry its a bit late!

I also wanted to share with you a couple of quilts I've come across lately.

I love how Marit paired my Skittles pattern with a dark background and organic straight line quilting (blogged here).

And you can see Jess' beautiful quilt (using my Fussy Fairytales pattern) over at Quilt Story today. The quilting on this is amazing too.


  1. I love your fish quilt - your husband really does have a great eye for design! Also, thankyou so much for showing my quilt, you're too sweet!

  2. Gorgeous quilt - yep he defintely does have an eye for design - wish mine did - he hasn't got a clue! Hey ho, can't have everything ;)

    Looks like a fabulous holiday. Pleased you've found some time to relax. Can't believe how big your baby is getting already!!

  3. You and your husband collaborated and made a beautiful quilt! Way to go!!!

  4. Very, very nice! A gift from both of you. I should try that!

  5. Wow, your husband does have a great eye for design! I love the way you decided to quilt it, too! :)

  6. Beautiful quilt and lovely children, too! Your husband is a talent. I imagine he's a keeper!

  7. those photos are making me homesick!, but keep it up i love it all the same!.
    Beautiful quilt, great design team!.

  8. Hello Kate, you are just around the corner from me. Beautiful everything.
    Happy New Year from me love to you.. x x

  9. Love the photos, looks like everyone had a wonderful time in Sydney! And I love the quilt that Todd designed and you made - you're a great team XOXO

  10. so much prettiness its inspiring x hopefully I will be more able of stopping next time we cross paths with babes in arms (yours and mine)!xxx

  11. That story could be the same as mine and my husband's! Quilting is a later addiction, er... addition to our relationship. And he's sewed with me too. But shh, he doesn't want that information getting too far. Something about people getting jealous of his work...


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