Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm starting a new quilt

Rock Garden by Umbrella Prints

Echo by Lotta Jansdotter

Miscellany by Julia Rothman
Avalon by Jay-Cyn Designs
Reunion by Sweetwater

Can you guess which one of these absolutely scrumptious stacks I'm going to use?


  1. I love them all!
    My fav would have to be
    Avalon by Jay-Cyn Designs
    Love the vivid colours.
    Anything you put together will be perfect :)

  2. mmm, i think you got some spam?
    i look forward to seeing what you use, i love all of them, but am particularly partial to the miscellany prints i have got to buy some of that.

  3. lovely stacks, I would have hard time choosing what to start with, but I could just about narrow it down to Rock Garden or Echo or Reunion.
    Although maybe the last photo contains a hint?
    Looking forward to seeing your new quilt no matter which bundle you choose in the end ;)

  4. Great minds think a like!! I recently bought some Echo to make cushions out of and Rock Garden will eventually become a quilt although I might wait to see what you make out of it and then copy you ;)

  5. The Echo and Rock Garden would make a lovely pairing!

  6. Love those your your patterns!


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