Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Donkey Fail

Hills (as in Sir Edmund Hillary) tried out for the part, but I just got the feeling that he wasn't lovin' the quilt (or my camera in his face).

Even the donkey outside my local mexican restaurant (Maiz and Mezcal) gave it a crack...

But I'm afraid the Wonky Donkey 2 gig had to go to Cocoa coz he was just such a softie.

Cocoa was overwhelmed by all of your kind words about his cuteness (and his apparel) - thankyou!

Have you voted for your favourite quilts in Blogger's quilt festival yet? You can vote for all of your favourites here.

By the way, my Sew Mama Sew giveaway and pattern sale is still running. We're up to 575 entries - wowsers!


  1. I'm with the Mexican restaurant donkey! Very cool!

    1. Yes, I liked the mexican restaurant donkey too, but there was just something a little stiff about him :)

  2. Oh! I NEED a donkey or 2! Lovely Quilt & pics :)

  3. Fun pictures, and the quilt is fabulous!

  4. Bwaaahahahaha, that Mexican donkey was a little stiff, but very dapper.

    I love Cocoa best, ...he has bushy eyebrows!

  5. Love all the pictures, but I agree on the winner! What a cutie (and great quilt)! New follower from Alyssa's post at Pile O' Fabric!

  6. That's the most creative way to display a quilt that I've ever seen. Thanks for making me smile today. Now I'm off to find a donkey model of my own!


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