Monday, June 4, 2012

Machine pieced hexagons

I was thrilled to see a tutorial for machine pieced hexagons by Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio. I've tried machine piecing hexagons before but it was a pain marking a 1/4in from each corner. With Jacuqie's instructions you don't have to mark at all. If there's a way to make something quicker and easier, while still maintaining great results - I'm all for it!

I tried the column method. I used a 5in hexagon template, a charm pack and a rotary cutter and it was really quick to cut out the hexagons. I sewed all the hexagons together into columns, and then sewed two columns together at a time.

It wasn't difficult, but just took patience and a bit of massaging to get each of the joins to meet up nicely. I'm very happy with how flat it lies.  About half way through this project I swore I would never do it again, but now that I'm finished I feel strangely compelled to make another hexagon quilt. This time I would like to make it look a bit more modern. This one is bright, but I wouldn't necessarily call it modern. Maybe it's the pastel pink and yellow that throw it off the 'modern' trail?

I used Quilt Lite for the batting (a really thin cotton batting to keep it from becoming stiff) and a super soft flannel on the back. I kept the quilting sparce to maintain the softness, and I like how the quilting it looks on the back.

To keep the binding soft I used the backing fabric for the binding. To do this I cut the backing fabric 3/4in larger than the quilt top on all sides and cut away the batting in line with the quilt top. I then folded the backing fabric over to the front - twice on each of the edges, mitring at the corners - and sewed in place. I was in a bit of rush, but I'm sure I could make it more even if I took my time (and I did trim those threads before giving it to my cousin's new baby.)

Thanks Jacquie for a fantastic tutorial! Also, I bought Jacquie's new book that she wrote with Katie, "Quilting Modern" and I love it. It's a beautiful book, tonnes of inspiration, gorgeous patterns, and Angela's quilting is beyond amazing. What's particularly great about this book is that it gives you lots of different techniques and tools to branch out and create your own modern/improvised quilt.

You can see tonnes of fantastic projects from the book at the Quilting Modern blog Blast.


  1. Very pretty and thans for sharing the link!

  2. oh it's lovely! I'd be very proud of that! I loved doing a paper pieced hexagon quilt (still to be quilted) but it took over a year just to do the hexagons so anything that saves time has to be good!

    i just ordered 2 quilting books but will have to look for that one!


  3. I like that hexagons can be sewn together with the machine. Your quilting looks wonderful.

  4. What a cute quilt! I have machine sewn hexies using Marti Michell templates, they went together really easily.

  5. This looks great, thanks for the links! I've tried machine piecing hexies before but gave up very quickly so must try this method :-)

  6. Love the hexies...will pop over and look at the tut!

  7. Great idea for larger hexies. I definitely want to try this!

  8. awesome quilt! so glad it worked for you!!

  9. Thanks so much for this information! Sondra


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