Friday, February 21, 2014

Baby "Frequency" Quilt

I've finally finished quilting my small "Frequency" quilt. You can find the tutorial for the quilt top here.

I enjoyed practicing free motion quilting on the pink strips (I tried quilting one of the patterned strips but preferred the puffy look so left them unquilted.) At first I had planned on doing a different design on each strip, but I liked the designs I chose so much that I doubled up on them to practice them more.

The quilting shows up very well on the back (there's no hiding mistakes here!) My machine (Janome 1600p QC) is fantastic for free motion quilting. It glides effortlessly over the quilt.

I've shown these pictures before, but they show the quilting close up, so I thought I'd show them again.

Wobbly "organic" quilting

Pebbling - love this look!

The twirls were a little tricky around some of the angles.

Not perfect by any means, but overall I'm really pleased with the result, and I can feel my confidence improving with free motion quilting.

By the way, only 5 weeks to go until bubs number 4 arrives! Apparently he/she is measuring big (90 percentile), so I'm hoping I don't go late like I did with the others. Exciting times ahead :)

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  1. I love this quilt :)
    The quilting is fabulous, it makes the back look amazing!
    If you want that baby to stay small you need to minimize sugar in your diet (I learnt that with Jack)


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