Saturday, January 30, 2010

Its Here!

My husband and mother in Law ordered this for me for Christmas - EQ6 - a quilt designing program. I was so excited to get my hands on it but Christmas came and went and it never arrived. So I had to continue with my graph paper book to make my patterns. Apparently it had been sent and someone signed for it, but I have no idea who, it wasn't us. So the company kindly sent another one and it arrived yesterday!! I'm about to install it and I'm so excited about the possiblities with this program. I'm sure I'll still use my graph paper, but it will be nice see how my patterns will look before I sew them up. I've already started studying the manual.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free download - Pieced Back

A number of people have asked about the pieced back I made for "There's a Square in There" pattern. So I've put a pattern together for the back and you can get it here for free! Just scroll down and click on the "free download" button and you will get it instantly. 6 pages of step by step full colour photos and diagrams. Enjoy - and make sure you send pictures. I love to see what you do with my patterns.

Sorry the photos aren't the best. I wasn't planning on making a pattern for the back and now my quilt is hanging in my local quilting store - Blueberries. sitting on my sister, Ellen's, couch.

Pieced Back for "There's a Square in There" quilt - Pattern
If you would like to purchase "There's a Square in There" quilt pattern see my stockists list. Alternatively you can download it instantly here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rebecca's Pinwheel Quilt

I made this quilt for my sister Rebecca. She has a large colonial style house on an acerage and I felt that this pinwheel design would suit her place well.

I was given the fabric from my sister in law, Sierra, and it just so happened that the colours went perfectly with Rebecca's house! I really enjoyed making these pinwheels using 'chain piecing' (when you feed little bits of material through your machine one after the other and then cut the threads at the end).

And here's fizzy the donkey again. Doesn't he make my quilt look good?! I put a scrappy binding on this quilt. I alternated scraps from the patterned fabric and from the backing fabric. Have I told you I like using left overs?

I hand quilted each pinwheel with cream perle cotton No. 8 (the only type of cotton I ever quilt with). I also hand quilted parallel lines around the border a few times.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Three year olds can make quilts too

My three year old daughter knows all about quilting and she often likes to help me by handing me peices of thread or scissors or by trying to climb on my lap while I quilt. She enjoys sewing little things with my help and wants to make a quilt for her Aunty Leia who is having a baby. I've tried helping her to make a little quilt, but I end up doing all the sewing, and she gets bored.

Today I stuck fusible webbing on the backs of 10, 5" squares of patterned fabric, took the paper off the back and let her cut them up. Then she positioned them on 6.5" squares of solid cream fabric. She loved it, and she did it all herself which made it even better (when I did try to make a suggestion it was shot down!). As she declared that she had finished each square I ironed it to keep it all in place. She completed 6 today. I like what she's done. I think my favourite is the red square.

I think I'll get her to make 3 more, add borders and sashing and then stipple it closely to keep all the little bits in place. Voila, a quilt designed by a 3 year old!

(You can see the completed quilt here.)

P.S. All 65 patterns have been sent out. If you didn't receive yours check your paypal email and/or spam folder, and then let me know if you didn't get it. Huge thankyou to everyone who purchased my pattern. I'm just blown away with the response. It feels good to help in some small way. Extra big thankyou to Sarah Jackson from Craft Hope who patiently sorted through everything and has worked sooo hard over the last week. AMAZING people over there. Although they are not taking any new listings, the shop is still open and there are still plenty of wonderful things being listed, so go take a look.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby girl "There's a Square in There"

Initially I made 20 blocks for "There's a Square in there" quilt (4 across and 5 down), but when I lay out all the blocks to sew them together I felt there was too much pink. So I took out the pink ones to make this baby quilt. I had lots of left over scraps from the big quilt, so I sewed the patterned and white scraps together to make a strip at the top and bottom of the quilt.

This is my 3rd attempt at stippling and I was happy with the overall effect.

I love using up scraps and I think the blues, greens and browns go really nicely with the pink.

I made a peiced back (instructions not included in the pattern) with more of the left overs. If I was doing it again I would put extra rectangles of patterned fabric where there's chunks of white at the side. You can see a couple of puckers from the stippling on the back (you can also see the pins at the top - had just finished photographing the front for the pattern). But I do like a peiced back.

Finished quilt size: 84cm x 107cm (33” x 42”)

The pattern for this quilt is included in "There's a Square in There" pattern and can be purchased from the stockists list on the right or as a download here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pattern for Cathleen

If you're Cathleen and you ordered one of my patterns through craft hope, please contact me on kateeconklin(at)yahoo(dot)com(au) . The email address I have been given keeps bouncing back.

I am sending out the patterns as I recieve names and email addresses from craft hope. If you don't receive your pattern within the next day or so, let me know. Thanks for your patience.

On another note, my sweet husband Todd just can't understand why I can spend so much time quilting, but can't seem to mend any of his clothes/shoes. I have to tell him over and over that I can't sew, I can only quilt! Sorry honey.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Patterns available

Thanks again to all those who have purchased my patterns through Craft Hope. So far 45 patterns have been sold, raising $450 for Doctors without Borders. A number of people have requested my patterns that have sold out. I've asked the great people at craft hope to relist my patterns as many times as needed, so watch out for them. However, if you can't get them on that site you can buy them here. I'll do something more professional soon, but here they are in the meantime. Please go to my downloadable patterns page to purchase my pdf patterns and see the complete range. After you complete your purchase the pattern will be automatically sent to you.

"There's a Square in There" Quilt Pattern (pdf)

"Dandelion Windows" Quilt Pattern (pdf)

"Charm Bracelets" Quilt Pattern (pdf)

Please email me if you would like a printed pattern - AU$15.50 (postage is free in Australia). Please see my stockists page if you would like a printed pattern. If you are interested in selling my patterns, please contact me for more information.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Over $10,000 raised for Doctors without Borders

Thanks to everyone who bought my patterns and supported Craft Hope for Haiti. The etsy shop is just buzzing over there, and its heart warming to see so many get on board to donate and buy. So far they have raised over $10,000 in just a few days!!!! ... so understandably its taking a while to process all the orders. As soon as I recieve your email addresses from the girls at Craft Hope, I will send out the patterns. In case you were wondering my patterns all have full colour photographs and diagrams throughout. Email me at kateeconklin(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au if you have any questions or you don't recieve your pattern in the next couple of days.

By the way, here is a sneak peak of my new quilt I've been working on. I'm using Saffron Craig's new fairies range and loving the girlyness of it. Thanks Saffron for sending me so much gorgeous fabric. My daughter keeps asking me who I'm making this for.

Raw edge applique is so quick and easy. I just have to repeat to myself over and over ... there are no quilt police, there are no quilt police... who am I kidding, when it comes to my quilts - I'm the quilt police.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Craft Hope for Haiti

Craft Hope for Haiti Shop Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

If you haven't already heard of this go take a look. The mamas at craft hope are doing amazing things. All proceeds go to the Doctors without Borders. I've donated 3 downloadable patterns and they've just appeared on their site. They have lots of gorgeous things, so go check it out.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who needs chocolate

when you have piles of fabric like this waiting to be devoured

Each pile has a pattern attached to it swimming around in my head

I think I've lost weight since I started quilting

because I can't eat chocolate at the same time as quilting

you don't want to get the fabric dirty!

Although the other day I found some chocolate I could eat while quilting

... maltersers!!! ... as long as you pop them in your mouth really fast.

They should sell them at quilting stores

Don't tell my husband about this

the chocolate ... or the ridiculous amount of fabric I have

Friday, January 15, 2010

My first quilt

This was my very first "proper" quilt I made a little over 12 months ago. I had made a bunch of raggy quilts for friends and family having babies, but I'd never used batting before. It was for Todd's (my husband) birthday and it was a surprise. It was difficult only working on it while he was at work. We have a really small house so when the kids were having a nap I quickly moved all of the kitchen furniture out of the living room so I could pin the quilt. Its the biggest quilt I've made so far (we can both cuddle under it on the couch) and I designed it myself (very simple stack and slash). It's made from 12 fat quarters of brushed cotton. Its so soft - it feels (and looks) like a pair of pyjamas. It was my first time quilting (I machined in the ditch around the squares and hand sewed large stars and hearts) and its pretty rough, but its nice to have this to measure my progress against. I'm not sure about the dotty fabric I used for the back and binding, but its fun and the colours go with the front.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Charm Bracelets

Charm packs are full of lovely little gems - so many beautiful fabrics all in one little pack. Why not frame them up and link them together to make some "Charm Bracelets"?

I used "Panache" by Sanae (I bought mine at Blueberries) - modern and pretty at the same time. I made some squares larger than others and surrounded each fabric square with cream and then light green fabric.

I wasn't sure about the grey fabric before I quilted it. I thought that there was way too much grey, but the stippling moved it into the background and now I absolutely love it. I think the squares of fabric really stand out against it.

I hand quilted each bracelet. I do enjoy hand quilting, there's something rhythmic and calming about it. I also like the heirloom quality it gives to a quilt.

Thanks Todd for racing down to the park at 7am to take these photos. As always they're beautiful.

I bound my quilt in more of the panache fabric. I went for another peiced back (not included in the pattern) - I didn't have enough of any one fabric, so instead of buying more I just cut them up and put them back together in this chunky design. I really like how the hand and machine quilting show up on the back.

This pattern is available for purchase - the stockists list is on my sidebar. Alternatively you can download it instantly for AU$10.00 (approx US$9). It contains 6 pages of full colour step by step photos and diagram to complete the quilt top.

There's a Square in There

I love the look of improvisational quilting, but I also like quilts that are quick to cut and put together ... so I designed "There's a Square in There". It uses a stack and slash method so there is no cutting of individual strips, and it still has that improv look that I like so much. It takes 8 fat quarters and a whole heap of white fabric. I used Max New's fabric - Sweet Daze - gorgeous blues, greens, browns and pinks.

I also inserted little strips of solid colour in random places just to make it a little bit more interesting.

I hand quilted it using Perle Cotton No. 8 in random sized squares all over the quilt. I used masking tape to mark out the squares and then quilted on the inside and outside of the tape. I got this great idea from Material Obsession. Kathy and her team are always full of creative ideas.

I love the pieced back almost as much as the front. I didn't include instructions for the back in the pattern because it was already 11 pages long (free pattern for the quilt back available here), but I did include instructions to make a matching baby quilt which I will show you later.
I bound it with Max New's brown backing fabric as I had quite a bit left over (I love using left overs - must be from growing up in a house with 7 children) and I think a dark binding frames it quite well.

And here's some shots of what is really going on!!

Between my husband taking the shots and me being bossy director there's only so long you can hold back the kiddies.

This pattern is available from the stockist list on my sidebar. Alternatively you can download the pattern instantly for AU$10 (approx US$9). It contains 11 pages of full colour step by step diagrams and photos to make the quilt top as well as a bonus baby quilt.
You can also download the pattern for the pieced back here.

Dandelion Windows

When I first saw Saffron Craig's Fields range of fabric I was smitten. I had to have some. So I used my birthday money to buy a bundle and I felt like a little kid in a sweet shop. I was so excited, but it took a while to figure out what to do with them. I felt that the fabrics were so beautiful they deserved to shine out individually.

I created solid fabric windows for each fabric and sashed them with white on white material. I like the way the grey windows break up the pink and set it off.

Normally I like to add quilting as decoration, but I felt this quilt didn't need any. The fabrics were so lovely as they were. So I machine stitched in the ditch. I used a small yellow dot for the backing, and the binding is a pink, green and yellow stripe. I love the way it turned out.

Thanks Saffron, you're a genious. You can buy the pattern on my sidebar and the kit at Saffron's shop.