Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby boy - There's a Square in There

Here's a boy version of the baby "There's a Square in There" quilt (you can find the baby girl version here). I made this quilt using the demo blocks that I put together for the pattern. I didn't put any extra strips of solid colour in this one, just kept it simple. I used 2 fat quarters of patterned fabric and left over scraps.

I tried a different type of free motion quilting this time. Just lots of loops (not sure what the technical name is). It was really easy, probably easier than stippling, and I like the way it goes with the swirly blue/green fabric.

These pictures are a bit dark as I had to take them in the evening.

I gave this quilt to a new baby at church - Thomas. A beautiful little boy who has an extra special spirit. He has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, so will have his own unique challenges, but he's one of 5 children, so there will be plenty of love and support for him.


  1. It's gorgeous Kate (as usual)! I really like the shade of the light blue solid, do you recall what it is?

  2. It's actually left over backing fabric from "There's a Square in there". Its an Australian company - Max New. It not quite a solid. It has a very small tone on tone print, but you can't see it on the photos.

  3. Ist so beautiful Kate.. what a blessing it must have been to the family.. I am sure that he will love it!!

    Ally xx

  4. This is a wonderful baby quilt, and just the way I like them -- pretty, modern, and not "baby-ish". Wonderful job!

  5. It's all I can do to resist starting on "There's a Square in There!" I'm trying to finish another project first.

  6. I love it Kate! It's so nice to see it made in colours for a boy. I'm sure Thomas will enjoy snuggling with it.

  7. Ooh, I really like that idea of the free motion quilting. Lovely colours.

  8. Gorgeous Quilt kate,

    I just love the colours too and yes the quilting goes very well with the swirly fabric.



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