Friday, January 15, 2010

My first quilt

This was my very first "proper" quilt I made a little over 12 months ago. I had made a bunch of raggy quilts for friends and family having babies, but I'd never used batting before. It was for Todd's (my husband) birthday and it was a surprise. It was difficult only working on it while he was at work. We have a really small house so when the kids were having a nap I quickly moved all of the kitchen furniture out of the living room so I could pin the quilt. Its the biggest quilt I've made so far (we can both cuddle under it on the couch) and I designed it myself (very simple stack and slash). It's made from 12 fat quarters of brushed cotton. Its so soft - it feels (and looks) like a pair of pyjamas. It was my first time quilting (I machined in the ditch around the squares and hand sewed large stars and hearts) and its pretty rough, but its nice to have this to measure my progress against. I'm not sure about the dotty fabric I used for the back and binding, but its fun and the colours go with the front.

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  1. I like the dots. I tried to imagine it with a plain backing but I like the contrast between the circles and straight lines.


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