Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pattern for Cathleen

If you're Cathleen and you ordered one of my patterns through craft hope, please contact me on kateeconklin(at)yahoo(dot)com(au) . The email address I have been given keeps bouncing back.

I am sending out the patterns as I recieve names and email addresses from craft hope. If you don't receive your pattern within the next day or so, let me know. Thanks for your patience.

On another note, my sweet husband Todd just can't understand why I can spend so much time quilting, but can't seem to mend any of his clothes/shoes. I have to tell him over and over that I can't sew, I can only quilt! Sorry honey.


  1. Don't let Todd speak to Andre .... I have a pile of new jeans and shorts of Andre's that need taking up that have been growing over the last couple of years. I tell myself (and Andre) that I am not a good sewer, especially of denim and other heavy weight fabrics ... but the fact for me remains that mending is not nearly as fun as quilting, and when time is precious I know all too often what I choose.

    Hey on my last count at Craft Hope for Haiti you've sold something like 65 patterns - very impressive!

  2. I purchased all three quilt patterns. I already have one so I know the other two are coming soon. They are fabulous patterns and you were very generous in donating them. Thanks!

  3. ummmm i'm pretty sure those Ugg Boots are in no way salvagable!!!! Put it on the christmas list :)

  4. Yes, Todd was teasing the dog with his foot and didn't realise that dogs are good at chewing through things:) Then the hole got worse and worse until the other night he was sitting there with his foot sticking through and we just laughed and I had to take a photo.

  5. HI there, I haven't gotten mine yet. I purchased "There's a square..." and the e-mail address on the Etsy acct is ellengraf(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. I am going through your past posts (thank god just a few). I just have to comment here. Even my own clothing I have trouble mending. I can sew/unpick/sew the pieces to get it righ but I can never sew up a broken hem on a pant. That goes with ironing.


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