Sunday, January 24, 2010

Three year olds can make quilts too

My three year old daughter knows all about quilting and she often likes to help me by handing me peices of thread or scissors or by trying to climb on my lap while I quilt. She enjoys sewing little things with my help and wants to make a quilt for her Aunty Leia who is having a baby. I've tried helping her to make a little quilt, but I end up doing all the sewing, and she gets bored.

Today I stuck fusible webbing on the backs of 10, 5" squares of patterned fabric, took the paper off the back and let her cut them up. Then she positioned them on 6.5" squares of solid cream fabric. She loved it, and she did it all herself which made it even better (when I did try to make a suggestion it was shot down!). As she declared that she had finished each square I ironed it to keep it all in place. She completed 6 today. I like what she's done. I think my favourite is the red square.

I think I'll get her to make 3 more, add borders and sashing and then stipple it closely to keep all the little bits in place. Voila, a quilt designed by a 3 year old!

(You can see the completed quilt here.)

P.S. All 65 patterns have been sent out. If you didn't receive yours check your paypal email and/or spam folder, and then let me know if you didn't get it. Huge thankyou to everyone who purchased my pattern. I'm just blown away with the response. It feels good to help in some small way. Extra big thankyou to Sarah Jackson from Craft Hope who patiently sorted through everything and has worked sooo hard over the last week. AMAZING people over there. Although they are not taking any new listings, the shop is still open and there are still plenty of wonderful things being listed, so go take a look.


  1. That is just too cute Kate! I'm sure her aunty will appreciate it.

  2. I can just see her now - determined to do it all on her own! I think there might be another quilter in the family XO

  3. hahaha ... I can just see the pure joy on Todd's face as you slowly recruit Dane into your sweat shop haha :) no but really thats adorable!

  4. Anything to keep Dane away from his jetski! But that's a good idea. Put the kids to work pumping out quilts and I can put my feet up haha! Although I don't know how popular this particular 'impressionist' style would be. And yes Sarah wouldn't let me touch it. When I said, "How about adding a some more fabric?" she said "I will put just a touch of brown, but that's all" She cracks me up.

  5. ha ha ha...very cute :)


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