Monday, June 28, 2010

Sarah's birthday pics - and other goings on

Happy 4th birthday my darling girl. You are growing up way too quickly, especially when you come out with things like "Sometimes I feel hungry, and now is one of those times" or "Copying and imitating are not exactly the same thing." (Check out that cheeky face - I know it well)

You asked for a pink icecream cake and your daddy went the extra mile and made you the most amazing icecream cake from scratch (it took 2 days to cook the custard, let it cool, strain the strawberries, mix it altogether in the icecream maker, make a base from oreos, layer it with chocolate ganache and top it with biscuits and raspberry coulis).

 It tasted divine.

Tonight Todd carried on the tradition with a homemade shepherds pie (he even made the pastry from scratch). Last week he upholstered the kitchen chairs, made the most delicious apple pie I've ever eaten (I think his secret was putting ground almonds and hazelnuts in the pastry), and got 98% on an exam....

And just so he wont get too big a head I'll just make a little tiny mention of the home electrical work he did while standing outside in a puddle with no shoes on. Luckily he was only zapped with mains power for 2 seconds before the safety switch went off! (If you're reading this honey, look at all the lovely things I said about you before I got to that part...) He's fine by the way.

I haven't been doing all that much sewing this week. I got the hint that some of my domestic duties might need some attention when Todd started piling up my shoes on top of my clothes pile in the corner of the room... a very subtle, yet effective hint :)


  1. Ah -- Sarah's face says it all. And her tiara is perfect! Also love the pic of Sarah hugging her little bro.
    My Molly still hugs her little brother, Michael, in that enthusiastic manner, and she's 21 and he's 19.

  2. Wow! Other than the electrical miscue, it sounds like you are not the only talented one in your family! Love your kids photos, too! So cute!

  3. Your kids are adorable! A husband who does all those special things is definitely a keeper! and I'm sure he's learned his lesson about the electrical thing...

  4. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl. OMG your man sounds amazingly talented...I am impressed!

  5. That is one amazing pie!!!!
    Ice cream can be such a pain to make. Really good job Todd!!!
    Kate we all tend not prioritize putting our clothes and shoes away! and those of us lucky enough to know Todd :) know he has OCD (just a little) lol

  6. Hmm, where can I get one of those ... lol ... nah just kidding, I love my man, he cooks a mean chocolate cake! :)

  7. Yeah, that hubby's a really swell guy - and he doesn't have OCD (so I am told) - just a beautiful talented wife who is great at most things but can't seem to figure out whether the clothes belong on the outside or inside of the wardrobe.

  8. Hi Kate, what a talented family. I hope you figured out the kit or no kit dilema. Kits that are reasonably priced and contain the main fabrics help all those quilters who are not confident with colour. It is also a compliment to your creative ability. Good luck with the show planning, you will wow them. talk soon. Susan.

  9. How cute, priceless photo! They grow up so fast!

  10. I love that cheeky face! Looks like she had a great birthday. I'm very impressed Todd. Looks like Kate & I both scored big time marrying guys who can cook well.
    XO Amelia

  11. Lovely pictures and words. Such love. 4 is such a precious time and she is amazing.

  12. Loved reading about your talented hubby! My husband recently changed a washer in an upstairs tap; as a result we soon hand an indoor water feature. Mmmmm ...


    PS cute pics!


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