Saturday, November 27, 2010

Australian Quilt Market recap

I had a fantastic time at Quilt Market in Melbourne last weekend. It was great just getting away for a night without the kids (thanks Ellen and Regan for taking great care of my little ones!) and even better spending time with some wonderful people. Becky and I left early Saturday morning to catch a flight  and we found this waiting on our hotel pillow when we arrived - a hand made gift from Saffron.

Me, Saffron and Becky
What a sweetie! Saffron Craig's stand was gorgeous, and a welcome place to take a load off and look at all the wonderful designs that she's bringing out. Boy, she's been so busy! Even though I'm having a girl, I'm still keen to play around with her adorable Beetle Bugs fabric.

C'mon peoples, I'm pregnant and have been up since 3am!

It was also fantastic to meet Toni from Make it Perfect in person and see her wonderful new book which has just come out this week (signed copies are now shipping HERE). What a lovely and very talented person she is, and so much fun - it felt like we were old friends almost instantly.

Me, Toni, Becky
Other inspiring people that I had the pleasure to talk to were Melanie from Melly and Me (check out her great giveaway), Kellie from Don't Look Now! (AMAZING quilting), Sarah Feilke who co-authored Material Obsession, Elissa from the fabulous Kelani Fabrics (I'm not sure how much she appreciated us looking over her shoulder 'helping' her pick fabrics for her shop, but is was so much fun), and the girls from Umbrella Prints (very exciting hand printed fabrics).  There wasn't too much fabric I hadn't already seen on the internet but it was great seeing fabrics up close and personal. Becky and I spent quite a bit of time oohing and ahhing over Kokka's new ranges.

I bought some hand dyed wool felt from Hatched and Patched that I will use for doll's hair - lovely stuff.

That evening the four of us (Becky, Saffron, Toni and I) went out for dinner and talked until early in the morning. It was wonderful sharing ideas with such talented, inspiring and generous people.  By the time we crashed at 3am we realised we'd been up for 24 hours! I can't remember the last time I've done that, but it was so worth it. I've come away refreshed and motivated. Maybe one day when I grow up I'll have a stand at Quilt Market too.


  1. Looks like you had a ball - how fun to meet all those inspiring designers.

  2. With your lovely range of patterns growing all the time, I'm sure you won't have to wait 'till you grow up to have your very own stand, Kate!

  3. Sounds fabulous! And look at that fabric!

  4. You look pretty darn good for having been up all that time and being pregnant! Not that I am counting but is that two weekends away this month??? k


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