Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gone for a while

Due to changing internet providers I wont have internet for a couple of weeks. I don't know how I'm going to cope with that, but it might actually be a good chance for me to focus on some other important things right now (like getting some rest!). So if I don't respond to your emails or comments, you'll know why.

Mum and dad left yesterday morning on their mission to Finland for our Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm so excited for them, but I will really miss them, particularly when the new baby arrives. Mum was a super star and finished off this gorgeous knitted blanket for her yesterday using these yarns (just in time!).

It is beautifully soft, I just adore it. I feel ready to have the baby now - I just can't wait to wrap her up in this.

I love you mum and dad, and I'm so proud of what you're doing! Rug up, I've heard its cold up there in the arctic circle!

I have so much more to share with you including a quilt in Australian Patchwork and Quilting, a project out of Material Obsession 2, my finished Heather Ross Lightening Bug quilt, and another fun curvy quilt using Saffron's bugs range, but I'm getting dirty looks from the people in the library where my kids are running wild as I type this, so it might have to wait. Hope to see you soon!


  1. O the blanket turned out fab! Now go get some rest before baby arrives!! :-)

  2. What a divine blanket to wrap you baby in once she is here. Hoping your parents enjoy their time in Finland. It sure must be sad to not be able to have them around when your baby arrives, but at least the blanket can serve as a reminder when they are away. Hope you get your internet up and running sooner rather than later! Jacinta

  3. That blanket sure looks snuggly. Can't wait to see what you have to show us, don't go too mad without the net.

  4. The blanket is gorgeous!
    Have a rest and put your feet up as much as possible!
    Also, I too know all about those dirty looks LOL

  5. Gosh, it would be hard to say good bye for two years! When are you getting all of these quilts made??? I can't believe that list - and I cannot wait to see which project you're doing out of MO2.

  6. Ack! I'm going to miss you!! But quilt, rest, design, take care of yourself.

  7. That blanket is so soft. It will be really nice to snuggle your new bub in especially as it is from Mum! I love that photo of your kiddos with mum and dad :)

  8. I'm not usually one for pastels but that is a lovely blanket your mother knitted. Good luck with your imminent new arrival.

  9. Love the colors :)
    A family always receives an extra measure of blessings with a missionary out. You're blessed to have such good examples as parents. I'm sure it's not easy for your Mom to leave you just before a little one is arriving.
    Linda @


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