Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sherbet Dreams Winner

I had a wonderful time reading about all of your childhood memories. It brought back so many of my own, like
  • when the neighbours had a party, my sister (whoever I happened to be sharing a room with at the time) and I would dance in the dark in our room instead of going to bed
  • all of us kids hopping into mum and dad's bed on a saturday morning, just to chat
  • making home made murder mystery movies complete with adverts (they are such a crack up!)
  • pretending I'm asleep when my older sisters got home from dates so I could hear all the goss
  • listening to dad's made up stories (he told the best stories and now tells them to my children)
I could go on... but I think you'd like to see who won "The Pips".

Well, Nancy, you're the winner of half a Sherbet Pips layer cake and my Sherbet Dreams pattern. Congratulations! I'll be in touch to get your address. Thanks to everyone who entered, and for your kind words about my quilt :)

Talking about childhoods, another one is close to starting ... only 4 weeks to go...

The wedding  on the weekend was wonderful. I'll share more pics soon.


  1. Kate, you look stunning in pink!!!

  2. I knew it was close. Too exciting!!!!
    You look awesome :)

  3. Your just looking radiant. Can't wait to meet the newest member of your family. xo

  4. You look bloomin' gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing pics of your babe x

  5. WOW...thanks Mr.RNG...I owe you one...

    You look lovely to be so close to the end...I always looked like a stuffed pig by that time..

  6. Hi Kate, You look gorgeous!Wow I bet you are counting the weeks!! Very exciting times ahead!!Enjoy the next few weeks! I love your new pattern - received it today so can't wait to get started.
    Melissa Sheehan

  7. Hi Kate, You look fantastic. I can't believe you only have 4 weeks to go!! Definately no basting on the floor now... Luv L xo

  8. You are glowing :) All the best for the birth!

  9. Yes, she is all of the above.

  10. You look lovely! :)

  11. You look absolutely fantastic and radiant! WHAT????? 4 weeks???? where did this year go??

  12. You look so cute! Pink and paisley--oh, yes.

  13. Hi Kate,
    You look absoloutely wonderful.
    Can't wait to see photos of the new bub.
    Good luck


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