Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Gift from the Darling Kaye

I've been waiting by the mailbox for a mystery package from Kaye (of Miss Print) ever since she let me know she'd made something for Grace. You can understand my excitement when this absolutely stunning little cardigan arrived!

It's beautifully made, with perfectly even stitches and gorgeous detail. It's also lovely and soft. I can't believe how clever Kaye is. I wouldn't even know where to start on something like this.

It's been really cold here lately, so Grace will get plenty of wear out of it. Then I'll pack it away for the next bubba (did I just say that?).

Thank you so much Kaye!

Also, I wanted to show you a little covered notebook that I made this morning using Lara's tutorial (over at Chocoate Coated). It looks patchworky, but it's made from a fat quarter of Echino fabric, and it took about 15 minutes (if that). I gave it to my nanna. She lives with us and I thought she could write in it shopping lists for me to get for her and things like that. Ofcourse when she saw it she loved it and declared that it's too special to be used, so it will probably just sit on her dresser looking pretty. I tried to explain that pretty things should be used....

I might have to make another one for me.

I can't help but finish with some pics for my mum and dad overseas...


  1. Hi Kate,
    i would like to thank you for your wonderful "Adelaide's Quilt" Tutorial. I'm new in quilting (this was my second quilt) but your advise and tutorial worked as well.

    You see the quilt on my blog (http://tagfuertag.typepad.com/weblog/2011/07/achtung-achtung-hier-wird-genäht.html)

    Sorry, the site is in german, but i linked your blog and your skittles pattern, which i bought yesterday evening. Thank you for inspiring me!

    Best wishes
    Marit (from germany)

  2. Such a gorgeous cardi! Grace is growing so fast, she's so cute! Love the notebook cover too : )

  3. Love the cardigan with the leafy detail, wish I had that pattern!

  4. That is one precious little one you have!!! Her sweater is sooo cute.

    Love the notebook cover,very special indeed.

  5. Grace is adorable wearing the gorgeous sweater from Kaye. I love the design along the front edge of the sweater. So pretty!

    Wow. I thought your notebook cover was patchwork. Great fabric choice. I love pretty and practical gifts like this.

  6. Gorgeous sweater, gorgeous baby! Kaye is pretty amazing with those needles :-)

  7. What line of Echino is that?

    And that sweater is all sorts of sweetness! She looks very lovely in it!

  8. what a precious little sweater--and so beautifully made! thanks for including all the other pics as well.

  9. Gah, Grace looks just too adorable! I'm so glad that you like the little cardigan that I knit up for her and even gladder still that it finally arrived - and that she's still able to wear it, hurray!

    For anyone who is interested the pattern is called Cascade and it's free from the Petite Purls website. There are a couple of mistakes on the original pattern so check Ravelry for the errata. Here's the link to this version on my Rav: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/KayePrince/cascade-2

  10. The cardi is so lovely, not to mention the beautiful baby wearing the cardi. What wonderful girls.

  11. that is a very cute sweater for a very adorable little girl. she is precious


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