Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lampshade Line-up

Ages ago Saffron sent me a stack of her beautiful Imaginary Flowers range and I've finally got around to finishing this and writing up the pattern.Can you see the lampshades stacked on top of each other? This quilt looks the same whether it is up-side-down or right way up, which is a bonus. You can read about my process in creating "Lampshade Line-up" here.

I wanted the quilting to emphasise the design of the lampshades, so I free motion quilted the background, and it really makes the lamps pop forward. If I had more time I would have liked to hand quilt the lamps, but ah well... a time and season hey ... and I can always add more quilting later.

If you're wondering how I find the time to quilt at all, I thought I'd let you know that I've negotiated with my husband one night a week when he takes Grace for the evening and lets me quilt. Its amazing what you can do with 2-3 hours of dedicated quilting time. I've also been known to sew on bindings, while bouncing Grace to sleep in her hammock, with my foot (the things we do!).

This quilt is lovely and soft. Firstly, Saffron's fabrics feel gorgeous, and then I used Anna Maria Horner's voile in Sky on the back, which is so silky. It was nice and wide so I only needed one length, and I didn't have any difficulty quilting it. I would definitely use it again for a light weight quilt.

It always feels good to have the pattern all done and posted on my downloadable patterns page, and kits are available from Saffron Craig.


  1. Your quilting looks great! Agreed they do pop.

  2. It's beautiful, Kate! Another great design, and wonderful quilting!!

  3. Simple, yet striking. Beautifully done. As usual !

  4. Very original and effective. Great design for Saffron's fabric.

  5. Love this quilt and fabric choices! It may be the next quilt I make for the living room!


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