Saturday, September 10, 2011

My life as a blog

Do you ever find yourself writing your life as a blogpost in your head while its happening? I do. Sometimes this drives me crazy, as I already have enough filling my head managing a young household. At other times though, especially when things go a little awry, its good to know that I can share the good and the bad with you.

Most of the blogposts that I write in my head never actually make it to the blog, like a few months ago when I took my three littlies to the park and a woman asked if they were all mine:

Woman: "Pretty close together aren't they?"
Me: "Yes, 5, 3 and.. well she's just new :)"
Woman: "Some people just don't have a brain."

I smiled and kept walking and then I realised what she had said! Whenever I got over the shock of our little exchange I started getting excited about what brilliant fodder for a blog post that would be. The idea of sharing this experience with you turned a negative into a positive. Maybe she was just being funny... ?? Not sure. Such an odd thing to say. I spent the rest of our time at the park trying to keep my children under control so it looked like I had half a brain :) We didn't stay long.

And then there was the Ikea (we call it the giant fun store) incident last week when I had been hurrying the children through the store to the exit so we could beat the traffic home. Dane started coughing with all the exertion, which led to a lot of vomitting just before we got out the doors. As I was standing there, baby Grace in one arm, the other hand trying to catch what I could, yelling out for some assistance (I'm so so sorry cleaning lady) I thought, hey, I could blog about this. (I'm just glad the woman from the park wasn't there!)

I could go on about toilet training disasters and sleepless nights, but I could also tell you about the brief moment recently when the washing was completely done (and put away) and the house was pretty clean! That's blog worthy isn't it?. There's never enough time to share all that I'd like to, so I pretty much stick to quilting stuff, but its nice to know you're there if I need to share.

What blog post have you written in your head lately?

I can't leave you without a photo (and fortunately I don't have one of the Ikea incident), so here's what I've been working on - slowly but surely. It's going to be a quilt for my sister, Kelly. I haven't made one for her yet. She's kind of arty, so I'm trying to make her an arty kind of quilt. This is another one using templates.


  1. Yes I totally blog in my head all the time! But then I am a little crazy or what did that lady say "without a brain"
    I like what you are doing with that quilt can't wait to see it finished.

  2. I write blog posting my head while I do the housework. Can't think of any of my wonderfully witty posts now though.

    Now, if only you'd stopped to take a photo of the mess at Ikea. Then you can call yourself a dedicated blogger!

  3. I know what you mean, only I tend to write them at 4am when I can't get back to sleep.
    I would say the woman is the park is the one without the brain. Two years apart is entirely reasonable. Here in Ireland, it's pretty common to be pregnant again 4 or 5 months after the last one appeared!

  4. Yes! I write posts in my head all the time (sometimes I even take pictures!)! But I almost never actually blog them...there just are not enough hours in the day to get them all out into the world!

  5. OMG thankyou for sharing the Ikea incident. I thought that kind of thing only happened to me!!
    I'm brainless too, 4, 2 and only new. Brainless maybe, but very happy :)

  6. Very fun and funny blog! Great post--you remind me of what is was like with a young family. It is such a trying and yet enriching experience. It seems to me that this marvelous invention we call blogland has really helped a lot of mothers with young kids to find community and share. I might add after viewing a number of blogs that fabrics have really changed (ok, duh). It's a whole new look. hmm. I can hardly wait until some of those great fabrics filter down the food chain to my local flea market here in Tunisia (used clothes are my primary source of fabric). Happy quilting!
    best, nadia

  7. With a nearly-four-year old granddaughter, I'm constantly blogging in my head, hoping I can remember her latest funny incident long enough to get to my computer! Yesterday she told me that we needed to go on a shopping trip - just the two of us - because her toys were getting old and she needed some new ones! I guess she knew if her mom went with us, she'd not fare as well as if we went by ourselves!

    PS I hope that woman in the park now knows she's been immortalized!!

  8. I remember those times with young kids. My two are 1yr and 10 months apart so the double diaper duty was a mess at times. I blog in my head all the time! I even take my camera along for a photo to share of the moment. Too funny....

    Your sister is going to love the quilt!

  9. Yes I'm always composing blog posts but rarely do I get the chance to actually write them out. Sometimes it just helps me work out a situation in my head.

    I remember pulling my three year old and some groceries down the street in a wagon, my five year old was hanging off the back being a nuisance and I had my baby in a backpack. A car full of teenage boys drove by and one screamed, "have another one!" out the window at me. I realized how absurd I must have looked but have always loved that image in my mind. Good times!

  10. Yes indeed I think all of moms,bloggers what have you are a walking blog everyday with our events in our lives!! My son threw up a couple of times in front of everyone once at a restaurant and the other at a grocery store. Yes it is embarrassing for sure!! If anyone gives dirty looks they need to get over it though and HELP! lol!

    Your thoughts are a nice reminder for me that we all go through tough times so why not talk about it.

  11. Yep!! Blogging in my head all too often. Why, I am way mor clever there too! As for the lady in the park, I have many incidents like that. I could have a whole blog about it. She was right you know, SOME people don't. They say thoughtless, unkind things. Okay, maybe that is just heartless?!

    Glad they are your children, not hers. She would not understand the blessing!

  12. LOL! Love your family stories. And yes, I am always walking around writing posts in my head as life happens....I think it could be a sitcom, some days! Like when we noticed this unknown cat, walking around inside our long had it been in there?? I guess the kids left the door open.....that kind of strange stuff happens all the time!

    Like the looks of this quilt, kind of drunkard's starting a quilt along with that design soon! Maybe yours will provide some inspiration!

  13. I loved this post and it is so "ME". Although my kids are older and have kids of their own, they constantly tease me about my blog. Up until 2 weeks ago I was a pretty prolific blogger ( my mom had a hip fracture, but is doing well). Every time we do something as a family my boys tease me asking if "this" will be on my blog? Blogging is a great way to get your frustrations out, make people laugh, and to share your creativity. I hope I do all three and I surely enjoy others blogs. I think I follow about 150+ blogs!

  14. That lady from the park should get herself a life!!

    I always write blogs in my mind but I never seem to be able to articulate them in a funny, clever way so I end up just not writing them.

  15. Next time someone says "some people have no brain", you could say "that's especially bad when they're also tactless."

    Lovely quilt!! I can't imagine having 3 littles and also quilting, superwoman!! You go girl!!

  16. I can relate to the three little ones under 5...and the three big ones over 5 lol...
    I love what your doing with your sisters quilt,what fabrics are you using???
    Deb :)

  17. So funny! Kids are endless fodder for blogs. My DD is well known in the local fabric store for "entertaining" them - I think they dread her coming! But how rude was that woman!!!!

  18. I love Kelly's quilt so far and I can't wait to see more!! I too write blog posts in my head, but they don't very often make it to the blog. Wow, that lady was rude!!

  19. First, your sister's quilt is going to be awesome!

    Blogging: I usually wake up for a bit between 3 and 4 a.m., and I'm SURE that I have written the most brilliant blog posts in my head during that hour. I should keep a notepad by my bed because by morning I have forgotten all the creative and clever things, and usually can't even remember what the topic was...

  20. I just had to comment on your park experience because something similar happened to me when my son was little (this was about 10 years ago, but it's stuck with me): a woman and I were chatting about our kids who were the same age when she referred to my son as a "bottom feeder". I did the same thing as you--just smiled and kept talking and it didn't really hit me what she had said until a minute or so later. Crazy. Who says things like that? The only explanation I could come up with was that she didn't know what that phrase meant..? I don't know.

    I love your response to your incident though: excitement that it would make a great post! Haha, that's a great way to turn things around.

  21. Absolutely! I blog in my head all the time, not to mention the conversations that happen there all the time.

    Most recently bubba threw up after a plane ride, so I hear you re your Ikea visit.

  22. Oh Kate, my heart went out to you! I don't blog (my life doesnt feel interesting enough)but I love reading yours and my daughter's. Thank you for sharing, and I guess for someone to say such a comment, her life must be without love.
    Whereas mind is full with a beautiful 7 mth grandson who I am privilage to see regularly!! Very blessed we are

  23. First, I like the piecing you're doing.
    Second, I have five, FIVE kids and the oldest is 9. Yes, that means every two years I've had a baby. I hear all sorts of comments. Tonight, we went to a graduate dinner and turned heads. We were the ONLY family with that many. Heads bobbed as they counted us. Lots of comments were made. It is a ton of work, but my hands are full of good things. And nothing they say about it will take those five good things away. Best of all, it all comes from my best marriage.

  24. Ah Kate...what a great post...I love that blogs are like reading someone's creative journal with the photos thrown in.


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