Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Commute Quilt Kit

Wow, thanks for responding to my call for help! It looks like grey is the winner! It's just amazing that I can get your expert advice when there's no else around to help. My husband had given me the day to quilt while he took the kids out - pretty nice huh. I was excited to get started on an updated version of my Wonky Donkey quilt with Laurie Wisbrun's gorgeous new Jack and Jenny fabric, but got stuck when trying to decide weather to use the grey in the blocks or not (I didn't want to use grey in the blocks if I was going to use it for the sashing).  Anyway, with your help I've made great progress, but have run out of some of the rain fabric.  I'm hoping it arrives soon so I can show you the quilt top.

I'll show you this instead: FabricWorm's new Commute Quilt Kit using my Fussy Fairytales pattern. Fantastic isn't it!

And here's some more quilts using "There's a Square in There". My sister, Amelia, very generously donated this one in lovely muted tones to raise money for the King Auction. The quilted circles look great, don't they. And the back is covered in the softest Amy Butler flannel!

And Lisa created this beauty. The quilting looks amazing and I love what she's done with the border!

You can see more of this quilt and others on my flickr group page.

By the way, a new pattern and giveaway will be coming up next...


  1. All three quilts are gorgeous!! ... Grey was definitely the perfect choice for the background!!!

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