Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grand Designs Winner

Wow, thanks for all the great book ideas, and for the lovely comments on my Grand Designs quilt!  I have just joined a book club and this list will make a great reference when we need new book ideas. I've just finished reading Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier and loved it! Can't wait to see the Alfred Hitchcock movie now. The only problem with reading is that it competes with my sewing time. Ah well, I've still managed to squeeze in some sewing as well. Hey, maybe I should get audio books and then I can sew and 'read' at the same time :)

With the help of, I've picked a winner... congratulations Dolores, who said
"This quilt is amazing. Not sure how old your kids are but my kids are under 5 and one of our faves is The Gruffalo followed by Charlie & Lola. For older kids I used to love Roald Dahl & Anne of Green Gables."

Thanks Dolores, I actually started reading Fantastic Mr. Fox (by Roald Dahl) to my three and five year old last night and they complained bitterly when I only read 9 chapters in one sitting... what a horrible mum I am making them go to bed!

Thanks Aunty Kaila for the cute outfits!


  1. Audiobooks are how I manage to combine sewing and reading as I love both :). And then it's funny because for a time after finishing your quilt you remember what book you listened to while making it.

  2. My favorite Roald Dahl is Danny, Champion of the World. Try that one next! :-)

  3. My kids get 1 chapter each night, that's it. I think it helps them to learn some self control (and I usually just want them to go to bed lol)
    I loved the book "Rebecca"
    Would you lie for your husband like that?
    Did he get what was coming to him?
    Are we really that stupid in relationships, especially when we were young?
    Awesome book, haven't seen the movie.
    I'm sure you will still find time for sewing :)

  4. I missed getting in on the giveaway but I had to say anyway what an absolutely beautiful quilt that is.

  5. Your grand designs quilt is stunning! Great job! I just love your patterns! =)


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