Friday, March 30, 2012

Planks - the best toy ever!

On the weekend I took Sarah to the Bowerbird Bazaar as a reward for filling her reward card (she earns a punch in her card for doing things like getting ready on time in the morning or getting ready for bed without a fuss). It was a fantastic market and we had a lovely time being together, but she kept pulling me from stand to stand until we got to this one - Green Hat Workshop.

She was immediately hooked on these "Planks".  They are identically sized plantation pine blocks. The ends are perfectly precision cut so that they can stand end to end and you can build amazing structures with it using gravity and friction alone (the structures in the background are not held together with glue.)

My kids have tonnes of toys - the baskets are literally overflowing - yet they complain that they have nothing to do. I almost feel like throwing them all out (they toys, not the kids) and just having a massive box of blocks - helping develop their imagination, creativity and dexterity.

Do you think Sarah was going to let me take her away from this?

A crowd of people developed to watch a little girl enthralled in play and delighted that she could build a structure that was almost as tall as her...

... or maybe even taller.

She used about 100 blocks to build her tower. I bought a box of 200 blocks for Dane's birthday next week and I can't wait to see what they do with them!


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