Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where I Sew

I love looking at gorgeous sewing rooms, you know the ones - complete with design walls, quilted wall hangings, and perfectly ordered cupboards of fabrics. I don't have any of that, but I thought it's about time I showed you what I do have because maybe some of you are in the same boat as me - making do with the dining room table and nooks and crannies around the house.

This is the place on the dining table I set up my sewing machine (I haven't sewn in over a month now because I've just been too busy). Usually when I'm sewing there's piles of fabric and a cutting mat strewn out too. I always sit on a couple of cushions so I'm at the right height and don't strain my back.

I actually like sewing in the living area because I'm right in the middle of things and I don't have to remove myself from the action to sew.

I'm very lucky to have such a big dining table to use, it's great for supporting the weight of the quilt when quilting. I wish I could use the shelves under the stairs for my fabric stash, but they are full of kids toys. If you're wondering about the rope on the stairs - Sarah loves tying things.

I do keep my sewing books nearby though.

I keep my sewing bits and pieces under the cot and get them out when I need them - notice the threads in the icecream container!

And my fabrics are upstairs in a small cupboard.

I have a bit of a stash, but it's not that big - mostly fat quarters. I tend to keep them together in collections. Maybe that's why I tend to make quilts using a designer's collection, because I don't have enough of a stash to pull together lots of different fabrics. I'm quite frugal with buying and using fabrics, but I'd like to try mixing up collections a bit more.

After I have made a quilt I put the scraps in a plastic bag and push it to the back of the cupboard. Not the best storage solution, but I pretty much know what is there. I don't have that many fabric scraps because I use most of them in the quilt or the quilt back (again, that frugal side of me).

I certainly want to build on my solid fabric collection.

My batting (I like cotton or cotton/bamboo batting) is quite content in a large zipped bag in the garage!

And I use my bed as a design wall. I lay the blocks out, then stand on a chair, and take a photo to see if it looks balanced.

So there you have it - an honest view (well I did do the dishes before taking the photos) of where I sew and keep my stash. Maybe one day I'll have a dedicated space, but in the mean time, I'll just keep creating in the spaces around me.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sewing with Kids - Cushion Tutorial

I'm excited to be posting a tutorial over at Sew,Mama,Sew! today, on how to make these gorgeous cushion covers with your children . My littlies had lots of fun creating their own unique masterpieces with fabric. Dane (3 years old) made the one with the crocodile chasing the dolphin, and Sarah (5 years old) created the meadow scene. This is a great school holiday project for all ages, but particularly the little ones who are a bit young to sew.

I'm actually quite surprised at how nice they turned out. I think we might be making more of these (wouldn't they be great as presents for the grandparents!)

Once I was finished taking some photos for the tutorial, I let the kids do what they wanted with the cushions... and ofcourse they decided on a pillow fight.

I hope you have as much fun with this tutorial as we did! The kids are so proud of themselves!