Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Surface Art... and a blogging break

I've been waiting for Adelaide designers - Surface Art - to bring out their first range of quilting weight cottons, and when a lovely bundle came in the mail recently, I certainly wasn't disappointed.

In fact, I love their designs, as does Todd (and he's quite hard to please when it comes to fabric.)

I dusted off my graph book immediately and drafted a simple quilt inspired by the cait fabric (above on the left) that would show off the bold colours and designs. I even drew up the templates in corel draw - each petal measures about 10in tall. This will use curved piecing, not applique.

And then I sat down with myself and had a frank talk. When was I going to have time to actually make this? You may have noticed that I haven't been showing any quilting lately. No, I haven't been writing a book or working on a secret pattern (I wish!). I just haven't been quilting at all. The reason is that I'm exhausted and I need to focus my energy. I'm not sure how you fit it all in, and I'm not sure how I used to fit it all in either. But I've just hit a wall. Between three young children, international students and preparing to move house, it's time for me to pair back and focus on the most important things first. I'm becoming increasingly aware of how quickly my precious children are growing and I really want to savour this time with them. Because I love quilting so much, it's easy for it to take over not only my time, but also my brain space. I have been guilty in the past of rushing through the bed time routine with the kids so I can get out there and quilt. There are so many exciting quilting projects that I'm hanging out to start ... but it can wait ... children can't.

So I'm taking a blogging break; a little bit of time away where I wont feel guilty that I'm not keeping up. Please feel free to email me if you have a question or a photo to share. I'll still be around.

Quilting and sharing on this blog are important to me, so I'm hoping once we're settled into our new house (a beautiful acreage in the hills) I'll have more time to quilt, while maintaining some sort of balance. I'm hoping for my own sewing room,which will help that cause!

In the mean time I'll just enjoy walking past this gorgeous little bundle and giving it a reassuring pat every now and then.

And I might need to get my hands on some of Saffron's new Wombat Wonderland range before it sells out!

And then I'll take a break :)