Saturday, January 5, 2013

The scary snake story

The snake in the picture above was not the scary one (this photo was taken last week on our fabulous huge family Christmas holiday at Kangaroo Island.) I don't have a picture of the scary one that lurks in our backyard. The truly scary one is brown and about 5 feet long and the second deadliest snake in the world. When we first moved up to the hills we sat the children down and told them that they had to wear gum boots in the yard, and had to stomp around when they walked to alert any sleeping snakes to get out of the way. If they saw a snake they were to stop still and then slowly back away. 

Well, a week later while Todd was cutting the back paddock our six year old, Sarah, decided to lie down in the long grass that he hadn't cut yet. Yes, that's right LIE DOWN in the long snake infested grass! A few moments later a brown snake slithered straight over her chest. Thankfully she lay perfectly still and told me later that she didn't even breath as she didn't want to disturb the snake. Todd saw the snake but wasn't able to get to it in time to kill it. Sarah was so excited she wanted to go and lie down again in the grass in the hope that another deadly snake would slide over her again! Needless to say, we've now added to the snake safety tips 'not lying down in long grass'. Then a couple of weeks later the whole family was in the back paddock and we saw another brown snake. Todd said "everyone stand still!" Which they all did... except me who screamed and ran away - it was coming for me!

Despite the deadly snakes and spiders, I love living amongst so much wild life. I've counted 4 bird nests around the house and we've watched cute little baby birds grow up right under our noses.  We play 'spot the koala' on the way to school, and have even seen a kangaroo hopping down the road slowing up the cars. The kids love walking up the road to feed the horses and goats, and we have sheep and chickens next door.

And now to share some pics of our family holiday at Kangaroo Island. All 31 of us went away together and had such a wonderful time in the middle of nowhere, 4 wheeling, sand boarding, kayaking, swimming, eating ourselves silly, playing board games and generally just reconnecting.

I made some sock monkeys for the nephews.

They went down quite well...

even with the older boys.

Most of the photos are courtesy of my sister Ellen. You can see lots more pics of my big crazy family here.


  1. Oh my! We have taught our kids the same things, we live in the bush too and see a lot of snakes and wildlife....the snakes are the only bad part really!

  2. Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine how you felt when she told you the snake crawled over her chest!!! We live on 28 acres of pine tree woods, so everytime my kids go out in the woods I remind them to have on closed-toe shoes, long pants, they have to stay together nad to slowly back away if they see one. We have rattle snakes bad around here, but I was chased by a big 10-foot long coachwhip last spring. Yikes!
    p.s. The family pics are great!

  3. Hahaha I laughed so hard when you said: "Todd said "everyone stand still!" Which they all did... except me who screamed and ran away - it was coming for me!" HAHAHAHA I can TOTALLY picture the kids still as statues and you running around like a lunatic! You've made me scared to come stay with you though! xx

  4. Oh Kate, how funny and scary at the same time. We have heaps of snakes here too and the boys have been read the riot act when it comes to them. They scare the life out of me. We have had blacks at the back door. One day Archer stepped from the grass to the concrete and stopped with a leg on either side of a snake. He was so good. He stood there and yelled out "SNAKE". Lucky Paul was here!!! We have had the most browns when we have cleared parts of the property. Once cleared they leave and don't seam to come back...Yay
    Welcome to country life
    Leanne xo

  5. The Brown snake, and Red Bellied Black are my biggest fear up here in QLD. We have had a couple of Brown's, with me viewing them from inside the house! Off to have a peek around your blog - hope it isn't as scary as this post!!!

  6. Ok, I just passed out from fear reading this story. I've had incidences with both of my young boys getting way too close to brown snakes this summer. It has me terrified. Yikes!

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