Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sewing for my girls

I don't sew clothes for my littlies. Clothes are much trickier than quilts, and once I've gone to all that effort my kids are likely to get them horribly dirty the first time they wear them. But... I made an exception for these super simple sun dresses for my girls. I used the pattern from Prints Charming's book, and even found the exact fabric that they used in the book! Because the fabric's so bright and busy you wont even notice the stains :)

Sarah is back to school. Last year I offered to make Sarah a library bag, but she didn't want a home-made one, she wanted one the same as everyone else at school (a plain cloth one). This year, when I asked her again, she decided that a home made one would be nice - but it must have a shoulder strap. I quickly whipped this up, using my Heather Ross fabric, before she could change her mind. I told her that every time she looked at it she could remember how much I loved her.

I couldn't help myself and made her a pencil case too (modelled by Gracie.)

Using some lovely Rockdots fabric by Umbrella Prints for the lining.

It's nice using up these precious fabrics on my precious ones.


  1. These are all really lovely Kate. They have a great Mummy! Xx

  2. I love the pencil case with its bright and happy lining!

  3. They look beautiful Kate! You have a lucky little girl :o)

  4. These are darling, Kate! Good job!

  5. I love sewing clothes and personally find it easier than quilting (definitely quicker lol)
    Those dresses turned out beautifully :)

  6. I want a book bag just like that!! :)
    The girls and their dresses look gorgeous xx

  7. Two happy girls in their new dresses, I encourage to keep sewing, it's very rewarding.
    Little cuties, love the prints charming fabric too and yes hides the stains.


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  9. Great job on ALL of these projects! It's nice to see people use up their precious fabric on their precious ones, as you say. :)

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