Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Frequency" quilt top

As you can see I went with option 3 - Fat really off kilter (that could describe me on a bad day... haha). I've named it "Frequency" because the zig zag is a little random like a frequency wave (and to be honest, "Fat Really Off Kilter" sounds a little offensive.)

I like it! And it didn't waste a scrap of fabric (except the bits trimmed off the edges, but I'm considering using those on the back.) Now I'm ready to start on my quilt with Saffron's fabrics.

I'd like to try the skinny version too (of me and the quilt!)

Anyone interested in a tutorial of how to put this super simple wonky chevron quilt together?

Addit: you can find the tutorial here - cheers!

By the way, Gracie has a fat lip because she fell over three times this morning. She's always going at full speed!